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Clicker apps

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Started by Catriona Pene 04 Jul 2013 9:11am () Replies (11)

There are 2 new clicker apps on the app store which look really useful and similar to clicker on the desktop.


Has anyone purchased and trialled them? They are quite expensive $30 and $37 so am keen to hear if anyone has given them a go before I recommend them to a school I am working in.

Thanks : )


  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 2:07pm ()

    Wow! Thanks everyone for your speedy and valuable responses, having only posted this this morning I was absolutely blown away by the number of responses already. We think the school will go ahead and start with Clicker docs and we will feed back how we are using it and how we find it soon.

    Keep the feedback coming!! : )

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 11:35am ()

    I wonder if those who are using Clicker Apps can share some stories of using them with their students. Can you share some of the goals that students are working towards and how it supports students in expressing their ideas accross the curriculum throughout the day. 

    I am interested in learning more about Clicker and the potential ways that it is supporting students. 

  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 11:28am ()

    All good Eric and we can keep that in the back of our minds for setting up a Desktop for touch, but it still comes back to the question - which is the better option (and I know the answer is somewhat - well what are you trying to achieve with the student/ how and where will it be used?') but do you pay the $300 - 500 or whatever it is for the Desktop version of Clicker or pay the $30ish x 2 for the iOS version? What is the difference between the two versions?

  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 11:12am ()

    You can get single touch or multi touch overlays that you stick to the front of any screen to turn it into a touch screen. Cost depends on the size of the screen you're outfitting. If touch is important particularly on a larger screen, then this could be an option to consider- particulary of you already have a screen. The overlay/frame plugs into a USB port on the computer - install the software - calibrate and that's it.

  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 10:39am ()

    With the appropriate screen (one that supported touch) and software, it was (and presumably still is) possible to have touch technology on a desktop. I set it up for a student quite a few years back (this was on Windows, not sure if it is possible on a Mac) so it has been around for a while. The touch technology is not so important for the students we have in mind. It is more a question of "are there features in the Desktop version that are not available in the App version?. My difficulty in helping the teacher is that I probably work more in the 'set it up' realm, rather than the 'use it with a child' realm (if that makes sense), so that is why I am keen to hear from those that have used both.

    Thanks for your reply.

  • Caroline Taylor-Levey (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 10:28am ()

    I have only used the iPad apps, I find the touch technology is excellent for my students.

  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 10:18am ()

    incredibly timely! Just 30 mins ago a teacher asked me about this. I guess the question I would like answered is "Do you buy the desktop version at great expense, or the Apps for iPad?" Anyone had experience of both and could give a heads up?

  • Caroline Taylor-Levey (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 9:51am ()

    I use Clicker Sentences every day, I find it excellent and very user friendly and quick to prepare. I also use Clicker Docs to support the learning of another student. Clocker Docs is a step further on from Sentences and this makes a great tranistion for student who are ready to move on from Sentences.

    Another great feature is that you can print directly from these apps as well as e-mail the content, this means that users could write an e-mail using it-FANTASTIC!!!

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 9:47am ()

    We had an unconference thingee recently and one of the teachers shared the Clicker app and thought it was really good- the others were impressed to.

    Worth the investment she said.

    I have iWordQ already so didn't feel the need to have two. We didn't do a feature to feature comparison though.

  • Angie Simmons (View all users posts) 04 Jul 2013 9:32am ()

    Hi Catriona I am working with a teacher using those apps for work with two dyslexic children and they are great I used to use clicker when working with special needs students 

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