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How do you get to know your Pasifika students?

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Started by Chrissie Butler 02 Jul 2013 10:32pm () Replies (1)

I have been spending some time looking at things we can do as teachers to create learning environments that work for Pasifika students, including those with SEN and/or those at risk of dropping out of school.

Whilst looking for resources, I came across a video called "What's it all about?" on the Pasifika Education Community on TKI.

Half way through the video, there is short soundbite by a student called Marcel. He says:

What makes a good teacher for me is like if they get along with me cause I hate it when teachers can't get along with me, because I feel really sad and stuff like that, 'cause they don't know me.

You can view the video with its transcript on the Pasifika Education Community on TKI. Please note the image below is a screenshot as I can't get the video to embed right now :-)

Screen shot of Marcel from

Marcel's comment made me reflect on the actions we take to get to know our students. 

So here's a question or two:

How can we create opportunities within the curriculum, within the structure of NCEA, for students to share and reflect on personal stories and experiences and use them as a safe and secure place from which to build new learning?

What do you do in your classroom? Can technology help?

How can UDL help us connect culture and learning?

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