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A key message of the Pasifika Education Plan (PEP)

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Started by Nane 02 Jul 2013 12:19pm () Replies (1)

One of the key messages of the Pasfika Education Plan (PEP) is that our education system "must work better for Pasifika learners". The PEP writes about a sense of connectedness and the importance of collective partnerships. There is an emphasis on engaging families, whanau and community.

This was also noted by ERO that an important element for improving Pacific learner engagement is partnership. They found “most of the 320 schools evaluated did not have specific initiatives in place to engage Pacific communities”. ERO explain, “While teachers hold the key to getting the Pacific learner engaged in the classroom, they need to work in partnership with their families to ensure that the Pacific learner has the support at home to succeed”.

Education Review Office, (2012). Improving Education outcomes for Pacific learners.

What do you think of the overall statement above? What are some of the ways that you know are working for schools engaging Pasifika parents and communities? Would be good to have discussion on this and keen to hear what you have to say.


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Shifting the minds of our Pasifika parents

Shifting the minds of our Pasifika parents

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