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Engaged and Enthusiastic Year 2-4 Class

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Started by KatrinaL 01 Jul 2013 11:11pm () Replies (2)

My Year 2-4 class has just completed the Wandering Whales field trip. The outcome in terms of learning and engagement was better than I could have hoped for. The students were motivated to extend their own learning in their own time. Many students would arrive in class for the day with a poster of information they had completed at home eager to share. 

All the components within the field trip (audio, video, writing tasks, reading, speaking) created a fantastic rich learning environment across the curriculum. I created a link within our own school website where the children could post information and questions using Padlet. This engaged our parent community also. The parents were posting their own questions!

The field trip encouraged the students to read a wider variety of material. Many choosing whale information books for their personal reading from the library.

The 'buzz' of enthusiasm not only captured our parents but other students in the school. The senior students also engaged in the Padlet Wall and looking around the classroom at the learning displayed.

We have now moved onto the Freshwater Ecology Field trip. This field trip links well to prior learning 'Take Action For Water' which was an inquiry topic about freshwater ecology in our own area. Now the children are experiencing and using this learning in a wider context. We are an Enviro-School/Schoolgen School, so the students are very passionate about environmental learning. This field trip is very special to the class as it is the first time we have sent an ambassador- Kowhai Kea. The students have missed our classroom friend but it has further encapsulated them in the whole field trip. This is an wonderful concept!

The outcome in terms of the students learning through this platform (virtual field trip) has been so valuable and beneficial to core development areas. It has generated rich oral language with topical and scientific words/terminology.  The reading material has been accessible for all students. The activities/resources available from the LEARNZ website have been very effective to support the comprehension of the learning outcomes. The field trips have created opportunities for different forms of writing and responding to information. The bi-cultural aspect has further engaged maori students (and all students), this was visable in writing experiences as the  maori language glossary provided in the readings was transferred into students writing.

Overall: I would recommend LEARNZ field trips to any class of any level. It's been an exciting learning journey to be a part of with my Year2-4 class.


  • Fi Mackley (View all users posts) 02 Jul 2013 11:47am ()

    This was really interesting to read as I could also write very similar things!  We had two Year 2/3 classes from Alexandra Primary School participate in the Wandering Whales field trip and we were impressed with the high level of engagement from all of the children.  Participating in an audioconference increased the feeling of being part of field trip 'community' and then seeing the experts and other participants, e.g. the ex-whalers, on the videos gave our students a personal link.  

    Our classes use Padlet to disuss the Key Competencies on a fortnightly basis, so over the field trip we discussed our level of 'Contributing and Participating' during the field trip.

    The scientific aspect of Wandering Whales provided a strong platform for building our students' knowledge of the importance of data collecting, analysing etc, and also gave them plenty of new topic-related words and phrases.  We particularly enjoyed the links made to conservation.  

    We are looking forward to joining the Stewart Island field trip in Term 4.




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