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How iPad apps can encourage UDL in the classroom

There are so many discussions around great apps, but why do those same few come up at the top of the list everytime?

Book Creator, Explain Everything, Evernote, iMovie and Puppet Pals come up time and again.

Patrick and I were discussing the use of Book Creator and how it can be used for such a wide range of students, ages and abilities and the potential this one little app has for incorporating UDL to enhance the classroom programme.

 In terms of UDL, these apps have it covered. They allow for multiple inputs, multiple outputs, they are flexible to use them in a multitude of ways and there are numerous ways of sharing the learning beyond the classroom. 

Think like there is no box! “Don’t think outside the box... Think like there is no box!” 

I have recently been having discussions with a group of teachers about using iMovie in their classroom. At this stage they are exploring the process of planning a movie, with the main aim for their students to develop their sequencing of ideas when story telling. Within our discussions the teachers have identified huge potential for bringing together so many elements of speech, writing, text, music, subtitles, using first languages, images, using YouTube clips as examples of the mechanics of making a movie, feedback from peers. I look forward to being able to share some of their process to make a movie and how that process reflects UDL for all of their students.

We are keen to hear other stories of how you are using specific (or a range of) apps and how their flexibility supports UDL for all students in the classroom. 


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