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Mid-year reporting and three way conferences

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Started by Tessa Gray 01 Jul 2013 9:22am () Replies (7)

School report Mid-year reports are happening around the country. Some schools offer an electronic service for booking for parents - great idea. Reports will be presented in a digital format as well.

How else are schools using technology to discuss progress with parents, about their student's work? Is anyone trialing anything different this year?


  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 22 Jul 2013 3:29pm ()

    Cross-posted from the VPLD online community is this blog post on Student-Led Conferences 

    Posted by Heather Eccles on July 9, 2013 

    "This week I had my first taste of hosting student-led conferences in place of the traditional parent-teacher interviews. IT WAS FANTASTIC - HERE’S WHY ….. read more here...

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 18 Jul 2013 8:26am ()

    Kia ora Tessa,

    Last year at our mid-year interviews we too trialled student led 3 way conferences for the first time. I must admit I was a little sceptical about the ability of my 7 year olds to lead the conference but I shouldn't have worried!

    They were STARS, the parents were WOWed and there was none of the baggage we sometimes get caught up in at interviews as the focus was clearly on the child and their learning.

    During the weeks leading up to the interview the students developed a plan for what they would share based around a simple format I gave them,

    1. Something(s) I am really proud of.

    2. Something(s) I am working on at school. (next steps literacy, numeracy, personal inquiry...)

    3. Something(s) I would like to work with you at home. 

    We also had new technology in the room (iPads) and so the students shared how the devices were being used to support their learning - quickly dispelling the concern about students playing on games all day as the parents were impressed by the students ability to use the devices and articulate their learning.

    All in all it was a great experience and I would certainly recommend this type of conference as a way forward from traditional parent interviews.

    Looking forward to hearing others share their experiences.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 17 Jul 2013 12:06pm ()

    Talofa Anthony, thanks for sharing. What a great story of students (our kids) taking ownership of their learning conversations, especially when this occurs in a culturally inclusive way.

    Our local school has student-led conferences and I see this as a reciprocol relationship (ako) for both the child and the teacher. Capturing this interaction as a video, would also be powerful.

  • Anthony Faitaua (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2013 8:19pm ()

    Talofa Tessa,

    We had to book an interview for my daughter at her high school by online called 'schoolinterviews'. It's fantastic because I can pick and choose the times suitable around our family time. On the other hand, my son at decile 2 school, we still use the old paper appointment time, infrastructure in progress. However, the best thing I enjoyed the most, my son was the interviewer and took control of the interview, while his teacher was a passive facilitator. We were pleasantly surprised but it was very effective. To get a Pasifika student to share his learning and progress report and speak to his parents outside his comfort zone was a stroke of genius. The fact my son told us where he is at according to National standard and what his goals are, it was the best interview I have ever been involved in. Congratulations to Linwood North Primary for the initiative. My only regret I didn't record it.

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 16 Jul 2013 7:37pm ()

    Claire, that sounds fantastic. We'd love to hear more about your inquiry process and how your findings are panning out, so please feel free to share. I know several teachers across the country are interested in the potential Google docs/apps (including Hapara) has for enhancing learning opportunities.

    I'm loving the new app feature in Google docs to add voice comments to docs and have enjoyed reading this blog post, Using Google Docs For Setting Up Conferences With Parentsabout how one teacher has used Google docs to set up reporting conference times with parents.

    Most parents pop into school to view/talk about their child's work. Having an online connection is also a very powerful way to connect with parents.

    Another rich thread can be found @ Connect with our communities with - and about - ICTs, so we don't have to wait till September to start these conversations after all! Smile

  • Claire (View all users posts) 15 Jul 2013 5:52pm ()

    Hi Tessa

    As part of my inquiry this year, I am looking at the impact increasing numbers of devices and implementation of Google apps via Hapara has on writing.

    My particular focus is on extending able writers and enrichment of programmes with Derek's themes of agency, ubiquity and connectedness running through. I was overwhelmed by the number of parents who have commented on this as the "window" it gives to their children's learning. I have decided to include the links between home and school as a part of the connected theme and have recruited parents into the study. It is very exciting as traditional, "good" pedagogy has been totally accelerated by this inquiry and we are only 10 weeks into it! I am having learning conversations with children, their parents at all levels and am observing children sharing their learning with their peers and families as a part of their rapidly evolving learning culture! 

    I am really looking forward to the new forum commencing on the first of September and wish it was in fact beginning one month earlier! 


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