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Year 7 & 8 first time LEARNZ

Started by Susan Feron 29 Jun 2013 7:29pm () Replies (3)

We have just completed the Wandering Whales learnz unit.   The class have really enjoyed finding information out through the audio conferences and ask-an- expert.  We were a speaking class.  This was great for improving thier listening for information skills.

I used the background information for guided silent reading groups.  It was fantastic to really challenge the students vocabulary and understanding of complex texts.  I found out the reading age using word.

We sent an ambassodar on the trip.  I was surprised that the students enjoyed this. 

Next time we do a learnz field trip I would cancel maths and unrelated writing so that the students had more time to look at the diarys, videos, and photos during the week of the field trip.

The information and thinking the students did during this field trip was fantastic.


  • Hilary Rodley (View all users posts) 30 Jun 2013 12:22am ()

    We have also just completed this unit and also sent an ambassador which was fantastic as it really excited my Y3-4 class and the NE class who joined in with us.  Thanks Andrew for all the photos and updates from our mascot as well as all the other work you did with videos etc every day!

    We used some of the preparation materials in advance to get ready for the trip.  As you suggested Susan, another time I would get rid of much of my usual classroom programme.

    We were impressed by the deep thinking that even the NE children did and the questions they had when we spoke during one of the audioconferences.  

    I would certainly recommend that anyone thinking of doing a LEARNZ trip goes the whole way and sends a mascot and speaks during an audioconference.  This was hugely motivating and really hooked my class in.

  • Diane Henderson (View all users posts) 01 Jul 2013 1:23pm ()

    A group of Year 5/6 students at Ohaeawai have also just completed the LearNZ Wandering Whales.  They were so excited when another group took part in a project in Term 1, that I organised this for them this term.  Unfortunately our ambassador did not make the journey this time and they were very disappointed, they really love following the adventures they have, and he is now a very important member of the classroom.  The learning is always great, the focus on questionning skills and being able to articulate their questions clearly is very important to them and definitely assists them in the process of choosing relevant questions. 

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