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Merging google accounts

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Started by Rachel Cornforth 28 Jun 2013 4:34pm () Replies (4)

Hi everyone, my school has just started using google apps.  My question is.......

We have google accounts for our class blogs but we now have another account for us as teachers. Is there any way you can merge these two accounts together?

Any help is appreciated :)


  • BecPower (View all users posts) 02 Jul 2013 8:05am ()

    Oh thanks Roxy - I didn't know that! I was so sick of logging in and out each time.  Phew! Thanks for the time saver!

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 30 Jun 2013 2:54pm ()

    Hi Rachel, 

    If you are using Chrome on your computer you can have two (or more) google identities. You can easily switch between them without having to log off and log in as a new user. I find this really helpful in switching between my work and personal google accounts. Go to the top right corner in chrome and look for the icon with the 3 lines, choose settings, then scroll down to "users". There you can add new users. I hope this is helpful.

  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 28 Jun 2013 8:01pm ()

    Hi Rachel

    I suggest you add yourself as an author (in the settings under Basic)  using a non school account eg gmail, hotmail or xtra then make that address  an admin. Once you have done that remove your old school email as admin and author. Then you can reinvite yourself with the new school address, 

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