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Mathematical communication

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Started by Vanitha Govini 24 Jun 2013 10:06pm () Replies (5)

A group of teachers from a school in South Auckland are inquiring in to digital technologies that support students to explain their thinking and communicate using appropriate mathematical langauge. We have used vocaroo and audioboo to help students record their strategy thinking. Students are making an attempt to improve their explanations by listening and practicing. It is very powerful when children listen to themselves. 

What digitaltechnologies have you used to support students in articulating their mathematical thinking?



Nga mihi nui


  • Vanitha Govini (View all users posts) 02 Jul 2013 10:12am ()

    Thanks Catriona for sharing your example of using a popplet. It is a great tool for schools who do not have I PADs yet. Teachers from a South Auckland School have got their students to work in groups to create popplets related to strategy thinking and knowledge. Here is an example.


    Teachers / Students are able to export this as jpeg or pdf to parents and embed in to blogs.

    Teachers are using this as a brainstorming tool or a flow chart for writing.

    Here is an example of procedural writing, making a healthy sandwich.


    This was created collaboratively with a group of students.

  • Catriona Pene (View all users posts) 01 Jul 2013 7:24pm ()

    Kia ora Vanitha and Tori,

    I have been experimenting with using Popplet on the iPads as a way of sharing maths strategies and I found out that it is also an online tool. Even better you can have multiple people collaborating on a popplet!

    Check out how I have shown it used here and how easily it could be adapted to show different strategies for solving a Maths problem. : ) Have a go and let me know what you think : )

  • Vanitha Govini (View all users posts) 27 Jun 2013 1:17pm ()

    Thanks Tori. Show me, Educreations and screenchomp apps have been great. Some of the students have practiced sharing their thinking using these apps. The school I am supporting do not have access to IPADs and are trying to explore web based tools like vocaroo. 

    Some teachers would like to watch or listen to some good examples of integrating digital technologies in to mathematics. It will be great if we could share examples of our students' work to support teachers and students in this journey.

     I will start by sharing a student's work, who has used vocaroo to record his thinking.



  • Tori (View all users posts) 25 Jun 2013 8:02am ()

    Show me on the ipad is great as students can write how they did it as well as record their thinking. It is like a whiteboard that you can record sound with. 

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