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QR Codes in Maths

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Started by Stephen McConnachie 16 Jun 2013 5:11pm () Replies (8)

I'm interested to see how you guys use QR codes in your Maths teaching. So far I've used them on the projector for BYOD students to quickly get onto a page I need them to access, and on worksheets for students to look up helpful video tutorials etc if they get stuck while working on the homework (see image below). Any other ideas?



  • Stephen McConnachie (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2013 6:00pm ()

    Hi Ngaire, yup you can view the image here or download the whole worksheet by clicking here. Is the image not visible to you in my original post?

    Ben - yes you can. On this page you can select various options to encode, including plain text - you can't store much (the more text you store, the more complex the image, so some smartphones will have trouble scanning it) but an equation would be fine. I like it!

    I just saw you can also encode Google Maps locations, as an address or Latitude/Longitude coordinates... that could be handy for teaching 2D graphs / grid reference / coordinates or something?

  • Stephen McConnachie (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2013 6:04pm ()

    Wait I think I fixed the access problem, should work now

  • Stephen McConnachie (View all users posts) 16 Jun 2013 6:15pm ()

    It depends if I'm wanting students to be able to write them as well. If it's just for display - class FB group, worksheet, notes or whatever - I generally use Laeqed, which is a LaTeX programme. Otherwise I use Office Equation Editor, though it's a bit slow! I write in plaintext in FB discussions in the class group, I've posted a "conventions when writing in this group" post but it's still a bit messy

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