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Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

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Started by Melissa Grant 14 Jun 2013 1:47pm () Replies (23)

Hi Google App users!

I'm about to set a school up and have heard there are a few teething problems if you don't work through the set up process correctly.  My one question at this stage is:  When I send the domain name over to Google for verification and this is approved does google mail immediately start working and therefore the teachers lose their outlook mail flow and have to immediately start using google mail?


  • Emily Watts (View all users posts) 06 Apr 2014 6:16pm ()

    Hi Melissa (and others)- I see that you asked this question almost a year ago - I would love to know how the set up of GAFE has gone for you? I'm just about to embark on this at our little school (38 students) in order to set the seniors initially up with gmail accounts and for them to create work in G.docs and share. Any heads up on things you wish you'd know before you started, any teething issues and unforeseen difficulties? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks all,


  • Emily Watts (View all users posts) 08 Apr 2014 7:05pm ()

    Great advice ... thank you! Will be in touch via email Rob ... will certainly need advice along the way. I'm planning on comign to the GAFE Summit too.

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