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Setting up a school with Google Apps - first steps!

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Started by Melissa Grant 14 Jun 2013 1:47pm () Replies (23)

Hi Google App users!

I'm about to set a school up and have heard there are a few teething problems if you don't work through the set up process correctly.  My one question at this stage is:  When I send the domain name over to Google for verification and this is approved does google mail immediately start working and therefore the teachers lose their outlook mail flow and have to immediately start using google mail?


  • Ross Alexander (View all users posts) 20 Jun 2013 10:43am ()

    I have been involved in setting up GAFE in a couple of schools, and also with an RTLB cluster. Some thoughts:

    • Communicate clearly to all staff why the change is being made. What are the benefits to them in terms of productivity? What are the possibilities for your students?
    • Show examples of the benefits to staff and students being able to access email, docs, calendars etc. from anywhere
    • Share the GA page on the Enabling e-Learning website to see what other schools have done
    • Emphasise the power of collaborating online – both with staff and students
    • Migrating from your existing email platform to Gmail does take time, and is an area where there can be huge impact (frustration if it doesn’t go smoothly) on staff. Best done during term break!
    • If you are in a large school consider phasing in the implementation
    • Lastly, consider how Google Apps (or any other cloud-based platform) fits into the whole school development of e-learning capability. The e-Learning Planning framework provides a way of supporting staff, leaders and community in understanding that it’s not just about the technology.

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