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Storage of students documents

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Started by Jalana 13 Jun 2013 3:15pm () Replies (6)

What is the best way to save children's work, they have created on an ipad, so they can access it from any device?



  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 6:02pm ()

    I bought a cheap dongle thing on Grab One and could never get it to work.

     I am 99% sure that the USB dongle is only for photos- it doesn't transfer anything else.

  • Suskya Goodall (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 5:36pm ()

    Dropbox or ggl drive seem to be the easiest for us with our iPads, macs and PC laptops. Adding to Julie's ideas with accounts and folders, all our students have a gmail account which includes ggl drive as an app and to manage our student documents and other media more effiecintly we've started using Hapara. That way I can see all the work within student 'literacy', 'maths', etc folders at once in one pageview, including when it was last worked on, who has commented, etc.

  • Julie Mynes (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 4:28pm ()

    I agree with Eric.   Using Dropbox or google drive.  I've set up a class account for my senior students so that they can collaborate effectively 24/7 on documents shared and created.   One gmail account set up for the class.  Those student in my year 8 class who turn 13 and have their own email are then invited to the accounts to continue collaboration.   Folders are set up on drive which is linked to my teacher laptop and I can view and moderate their work anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

  • Grant Chapman (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 3:25pm ()

    You can purchase a type of USB dongle that interfaces with the iPad and you can hook up a pen drive to.

  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 3:25pm ()

    sometmes you're limited to the options available in the app as to what and how the content can be "saved" or exported.

    saving to Dropbox or Google drive, provides easy access from any device - ipad, PC or Mac

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