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Beginner in minecraft

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Started by Nicki 12 Jun 2013 9:39am () Replies (3)

I am really keen to get Minecraft started in my classroom.  I have no idea about the game but have a group of avid gamers.  I want to hook them into literacy through minecraft.  Any ideas?  I have downloaded the lite version on my ipads.  

Thanks Nicki


  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2013 10:31am ()

    We started as an inquiry.  "How can we use this as a learning tool?"  Along the way we are discovering uses for it like modelling our ideal school or using scale in maths.  Mostly, as we have a multiplaye world, w are discovering that we need to model good values inside the Minecraft world.  You don't knock things down just because you can.

    I suggest you use creative NOT survival mode and create a charter which includes no TNT, no griefing.  These come up as you go!

  • Caroline Bush (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2013 11:24am ()

    Great Ideas Annemarie

    I have been so grateful for your sugestion to use creative not survival - being that I had no idea there were options - it made me sound really knowledgable to my learners!

    We too are on the inquiry journey and I often have learners asking if they can use minecraft for various learning times - the standard answer being show me and convince me and boy are they doing some great research and putting together some really convincing plans.


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