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iTunes - laptop and iPad

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Started by Renee 11 Jun 2013 8:16pm () Replies (6)


I had the grand idea to load School Journal tracks onto my laptop to then put on my class iPads (4) to use as a listening post.

Tracks loaded to iTunes on laptop - check.

Connected iPad 1 to laptop to which it then downloaded everything from iPad to laptop (is this normal??)

Figured out how to sync to iPad using iTunes and now have tracks in "Music" app to access.

Following this success I connect iPad 2 - message comes up to say that it is assigned to a different iTunes store/laptop (which will be the one our IT person used to set iPads up when we first got them) and then gave me the option of connecting to my iTunes but in doing so would erase the iPad - I hit cancel!!

Not sure what to do now.

iPad 3 did the same thing and iPad 4 wanted me to connect it to my iTunes but I didn't know if I was supposed to do that as an new ipad?????????

So - do I want to erase 2 iPads so they can be connect to my iTunes??? and do I set up new iPad for the other one???

Or is there someother way to get tracks from laptop or the one iPad I have loaded them to??

Any advice greatly appreciated



  • Stevie Woodman (View all users posts) 11 Jun 2013 9:02pm ()

    I wanted to use iPads too but like you was too much hassle. We have purchased 4 cheap MP3 players from Dicksmith. I put all the journal stories and music we used in class into a folder on my laptop and then put it on the players and use them for listening posts. 

  • redbeard45 (View all users posts) 11 Jun 2013 8:53pm ()

    You may want to look at BoxyTunes, Renee. This cheap App streams music from your Dropbox folder and allows you to set up Playlists, etc which could be ideal for reading groups, etc

    Find it here;


    Looks like an update is in the wind that you may need to wait for


    Hope this helps

  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 11 Jun 2013 8:45pm ()

    depends on the type of file...

    multimedia files will play within the app... doc and excel files will also open in the app, but you can download and open the file in another app, where you can edit etc.

  • Renee (View all users posts) 11 Jun 2013 8:37pm ()

    Thanks Eric

    That was going to be my next question.  After having saved  some to dropbox, I couldn't work out how to then open them in anything other than dropbox!

  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 11 Jun 2013 8:26pm ()

    you could save them in a folder on dropbox. then open up the dropbox app on the ipad.

    It'll play in the dropbox app... the sound file isn't saved to the ipad, just cached.

    One advantage is it won't take up permanent space on the ipad, and you can change the contents of the folder at any time, without having to do anything to the ipads.

    Downside.. it'll need a wifi connection to download the audio file, so each time you open an audio file it's downloaded and cached to the ipad.

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