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In the spirit of UDL - a rap from the BeL SEN team

Started by Chrissie Butler 09 Jun 2013 10:32pm () Replies (9)

A few weeks ago, a colleague in the Blended e-learning team, asked Patrick, Roxy and I, if we would pull together a few words for the new folk joining the team, just to outline our roles. As UDL is the focus of our work, we knew we wanted to model UDL in our story telling.

So in the spirit of UDL, here is our offering. It's a bit rough and ready, but it was alot of fun to create.

You can listen to the rap and view the poster on the video below. Underneath the video are the words to the rap. I tried to use captions on the video but the words were tumbling out too fast!! Enjoy.

Kia ora koutou, talofa lava, kia orana and hello

I'm Chrissie Butler, this is Roxy Hickmand and this is Patrick Pink

And we are BeL SEN


We're part of the whānau that is Bel

We're here to bring you UDL

A framework to help us in our thinking

As we customise our teaching

A directive from above

To give ourselves a metaphorical shove

To open up the possibilities

Of what we can do with these technologies.


But the rap is bigger than that

'Cause there's kids left out and sat at the back

Not everyone who know's them is at the table

Not every voice is supported and able

To see the potential in natural diversity

An innovation opportunity

To redesign all the spaces kids learn

Environments they can shape and own.


So let's look at the tech as a catalyst

To shift a model that shouldn't exist

But the tech alone isn't going to cut it

Cause if we don't know the kids, the kids'll say, "Stuff it".

1st base - know our communities

Dig into the stories, the cultures, identities

Plan around the varied ability

Shape up options, demonstrate equity.


So BeL SEN are here to help

To walk alongside, to chat over Skype

We've experience all across the sector

And networks of colleagues where we can connect you

Our vision is to see us have conversations

About learning without discrimination

Where all are considered at the outset in planning

And difference is celebrated rather than damning.


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