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The use of video as a means for multiple representation, expression and engagement

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Started by Patrick Pink 06 Jun 2013 10:06am () Replies (1)

Using video is be a powerful medium to provide opportunities for all learners to engage with material and to express themselves in fun, self-directed and purpose-driven ways.  The following link to Mind/Shift and Tina Barseghian's post 'Teachers' Ultimate Guide to Using Video' provides a launching-off pad to further ideas, strategies and discussion. when incorporating video within teaching and learning.  There is an informative pdf link that Mind/Shift in collaboration with educator Caitlin Tucker have included.  It is called Teacher's Guide to Videos.  In the guide there are further links to such topics as sites for instructional videos, sites to supplement lessons, curating and evaluating video content and blending video with curriculum to foster multiple representation and engagement.  

For expression through video, there are many video creating software and applications.  Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is a site that provides resources for web tools and applications for educators.  The above link connects to various apps and tools to create and include video for teaching and learning.  Another interesting link is iPad Apps for School written by Richard Byrne.  This gives some examples to audio and video creating apps, such as SonicPics and Loopster. 

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