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How do we best support ESOL students at rural primary schools?

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Started by Monika Kern 05 Jun 2013 12:54pm () Replies (12)

My schools in Northland don't have as many ESOL students as some other schools around the country, but one of my smallish rural primary schools has a Y3 class lovingly called "The United Nations" by their teacher featuring students of 13 nationalities. For some of these students English is their second language and we were hoping to find some tips and tricks, especially to do with writing, this teacher could employ.

She is very experienced and is using a range of tools already as you would in any effective primary classroom where students are at different levels. She has been wondering about working with these students separately or if this would single them out too much. She also is not sure if some of her students don't understand a lot more than they are letting on lol. As this is quite a unique situation for use here in rural Northland, we are calling on your expertise around the country!

How have you approached a similar situation? What have you found useful, what less so?

Many thanks for everything in advance!


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