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Printing from iPads

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Started by Renee 03 Jun 2013 3:50pm () Replies (12)


Just wondering what others do if they want to print from iPads.  We currently use apps like photosync etc to transfer photos/poplets to laptops but if there is an app to take out this middle step that would be great.




  • Renee (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 9:48pm ()

    Thanks for all the feedback - definitely things to investigate further

  • oliviabrown (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 9:03pm ()

    Thanks Innes,

    unfortunately we haven't any Mac's in our school at all. I've downloaded the fingerprint trial but it is being quite uncooperative... Or it could just be my lack of patience! Ill have our technician have a look at it tomorrow.. Other wise the AirPrint photocopier sounds AMAZING!

     Thanks again.

  • JMKellow (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 8:42pm ()

    I have an eprint/airprint enabled printer and an HP laptop and there are two ways I can print to it from my ipad. I can select Airprint from the Print menu in apps. Or in Chrome I can use either Airprint which is the easiest way, or Cloud print and select my printer which sends the print job to the printer via my laptop. I believe Cloud print can work with some older printers that aren't Airprint enabled but you can't print all documents that way. You need to enable Cloud Print in your Chrome settings. 

  • Sandie Haddock (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 8:23pm ()

    Hi renee

    We have a Ricoh photocopier at school, I use smartdevprint. Smart device print.  Usually can print through the app i'm using if it doesn't pick up the printer I can take a screen shot(belly button and off switch at the same time) then I can print through the camera roll.  Like innes said the moment I got this up and going at school I went running to share with the boss - very much a lightbulb moment.  in had to enter the IP address and proxy, easy peasy and away she worked.  

  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 7:59pm ()

    Hi Jade, I am using this at home and I can print just about anything from my iPads to my MFC-9120CN which I have connected to my router.

  • Jade Kylee Butler (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 7:16pm ()

    Hi Renee

    If you have brother printers there is an app called iBrother which enables you to print anything from your camera roll on your iPad straight to the printer.



  • Innes Kennard (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 7:07pm ()

    Olivia you do not have to have Printopia on your laptop. From my experiecne it needs to be on ONE Mac on your network, preferably one that is 'always' on. Maybe the library?

    Have seen Fingerprint running from 3 iPads to teachers PC attached to a printer in the classroom and seemed to work fine but cannot comment over a wider network.

    Just need to add that i was in a large school last term with an airprint enabled photocopier - you pressed print and it came out of the photocopier!! I felt like I was tapping into the future. Contact me off list if you want more info here.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 6:53pm ()

    I have heard of Fingerprint but haven't used it so can't recommend it.

    It has a free trial so you could try it and let us know how you get on.


  • oliviabrown (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 6:49pm ()

    Any ideas for a school like us who doesn't mac laptop for Printopia?


  • Renee (View all users posts) 03 Jun 2013 4:06pm ()

    Thanks Barbara

    Printopia is what we had been looking at :)


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