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Boys and writing - removing barriers

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Started by Chrissie Butler 29 May 2013 9:57am () Replies (1)
In the video "Netbooks - an on ramp to success in writing", teacher Kieran Moriarty talks about how netbooks have enabled students to create and ideas out to the world. 

He adds that for a particular student, called Teva, the netbook has made a massive difference:
"Teva used to think of writing as a chore ..., as something that was hard, because he thought of it as just the handwriting as forming the letters, and now he thinks of it as a creative act".

However if you watch the video you will see that although having the right tools for the job is essential, it is only half of the story.
From spending time in Kieren's classroom, I also was able to see how:
  • the learning environment was rooted in the interests and passions of the students,
  • there was an ongoing process of collaboration and feedback between each student, a group of peers and also Kieran through Google Docs,
  • motivation was increased by the opportunity to publish stories online for families, students in other classes and an international audience.
Without Kieren knowing it, he has grounded the way he works in many of the principles of UDL. If you watch the video with the UDL Guidelines on your lap, you can even map them.
We'd be interested to hear about how boys are finding success in writing in your classroom or school both with and without technology. So do share a few stories below.
And lastly if you're interested in dipping into Kieren's classroom, you can find them at The Tree of Pride blog. You can also visit Teva's own blog at Teva@Parkvale.

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