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An Interesting New Teaching and Learning Tool - MyChatPak

Started by Justine Hughes 28 May 2013 7:25pm () Replies (26)

Hi everyone.  

My class and I have been really fortunate to have been able to develop this software over the past 7 months and we're now in the trial phase looking for people to trial it to see what the educational uses / benefits are and what improvments we need to make.

We'd love your support in becoming part of the trial - there is no cost to your school and any teachers who trial it will get to keep a copy.

The key point of difference is that you can record a video which is supported by a script that either you or the students write and this runs along the top of the screen as they record - like a teleprompter.  The other main point of difference is that you can then send the 1 minute clip straight to someone's email and it opens in the email - no need to visit an external site.  This makes sharing quick snapshots of learning really easy for us as teachers.

We've already used it for speeches, book sells, ESOL, sharing goals, numeracy strategies and many more.  One of the main benefits so far - apart from how easy it is to use - is the huge leap in confidence in the students using it.

Have a look at www.mychatpak.com or on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/pages/MyChatPak/207153549308611 and let me know what you think. 

There is also more information on my class blog:

http://room4learningjourneys.blogspot.co.nz - under MyChatPak page.

At the moment, it's been developed for PC as part of the trial but it's about to go web-based which will make things so much easier.  We're looking at this happening in the next few months, if not earlier.

I'm really excited about it and we've all learned so much about being software developers!!

Thanks for your support.

Justine Smile


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