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Principal ePortfolios

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Started by DiWilkes 28 May 2013 1:26pm () Replies (7)

I have a query that has come up in discussion with principals in primary schools around ePortfolios.  What are the thoughts around having a public ePortfolio?  What is the value of this?  How do some keep it private?  What are the benefits of making it public?  Can MyPortfolio be made private?  Any thoughts or comments would be welcome, thank you.


  • Greg Carroll (View all users posts) 28 May 2013 1:35pm ()

    Nothing wrong with making your thinking and learning public!  I have blogged for a number of years and in many ways this is a 'kind' of ePortfolio.  If it is for attestation purposes then this is different and it would make the purpose difficult to achieve if everyone could see your development goals, etc.  I am not sure many teachers or leaders would have everything about their performance management public or open.  Would you have the deep and powerful goals if everyone could see them?   Not sure I would :-)

    Comes down to what you can live with really.  No right answer ....

  • Nicole Price (View all users posts) 28 May 2013 1:41pm ()


    I think it is no different to what we are trying to teach children. Whatever you put out there will be a digital footprint. If it is helpful, informative and inspiring to others then I think it is worth sharing. From my perspective as an aspiring Principal I would love to see what makes a strong leader, the down side would be opening yourself up to judgement by your staff.

  • DiWilkes (View all users posts) 28 May 2013 2:00pm ()

    Thanks for your thoughts Greag and Nicole.  I am learning more about MyPortfolio and some of my principals are liking how you can make some pages private and some pages public or share with specific groups or individuals.  I think this will be a good transition space.  I agree that there is nothing wrong with making your thinking and learning public and that leaders are role modelling for teachers and learners but as Greg highlighted some professional goals, reflections or artifacts are items we may like to keep private, for a time anyways.  Anything to do with appraisal, goal setting and attestation are areas where some feel more comfortable sharing it with specific individuals or keeping it to themselves.  I suppose, in the end, it is all about what content is in one's eP which determines the nature of its sharability!

  • Hazel Owen (View all users posts) 28 May 2013 2:46pm ()

    Some interesting questions :-)

    One way of thinking about ePortfolios is as a performance, which links directly to the purpose(s) you have for having an ePortfolio (and MyPortfolio...and similar tools are great to help with the flexibility to do this)

    I developed the diagram below to capture and illustrate the following notions:

    * The differences between developmental (reflections, feedback from critical friends, etc) and showcase/professional (this is the 'face' you share with everyone - quite probably after having it in the developmental iterative cycle of improvement for a while)
    * Private/public space
    * Trust/rapport
    * 'Rehearse'/develop as a group as well as an individual
    * Collection of 'projects' backstage - some half-finished, some ready for the next production, some still in the concept phase, some abandoned
    * Spend time as an apprentice, sweeping, painting scenery, learning the vocabulary
    * Start to rehearse. Feedback from director/peers (work collaboratively to interpret a script)
    * Personality - interpretation of the script (role/appraisal/assessment/rubric)
    * Audience - who are they? Appropriacy. Don't always know (global)
    * Dress rehearsal/first night - iterative feedback loop



  • Fiona McNeill (View all users posts) 02 Jul 2013 5:20am ()

    I love the analogy you have made here Hazel.  We have been trialling with E- portfolio for some time now with quite a few back stage projects underway and some abandoned.  This year we have taken the step to develop a literacy initiative and have invited a range of schools to participate.  The outcomes have been recorded and shared in My Portfolio.  The response has been excellent as the initiative has been shared within the local group and is beginning to move out nationally.  Having confidence to have go and seeing a need within our school, identified through our strategic planning, has been the driver.  You also need a person with the drive to motivate others and a commitment to the initiative being developed.

  • justin hickey (View all users posts) 07 Jul 2013 2:16pm ()

    Hi Fiona. Having the confidence to have ago resonates with me. To often I think ideas and initiatives dont get off the ground because people are are afraid to have a go. People are so secure within their comfort zone that they find reasons to be critical of anything new. I say fair play to those willing to have a go.

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