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What is your best practice.

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Started by Lenva Shearing 28 May 2013 6:58am () Replies (6)

Looking at best practice, using Google Apps.   

What do you do in your classroom, that is innovative, fosters learning and engages stidents?

Let's share here and help each other.


  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 29 Jun 2013 7:44pm ()

    My year 7&8 students are now doing all thier creative writing on google docs.  It enables me to share a template with students that has differentiated learning outcomes on it and a space for self reflection.  About to use goobric to mark this weeks writing.  It looks exciting.

  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 01 Jul 2013 9:40pm ()

    Do you think goobric would work out better than allforrubrics.com or similar. I am finding allforrubrics very useful.

  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 26 Jun 2013 1:28pm ()

    My Year 9, 10 & 11 Spanish students are using Google Docs to co-construct lesson notes; sometimes I create a doc in a shared space and everyone contributes as they can during the lesson, sometimes one of the students "volunteers" to be the scribe for the lesson. That way they have a comon document they can go back and review, add to and use for later tasks. They each have a portfolio in a shared class folder and use that to draft class and homework tasks so that I can give feedback and feedforward - they like that they don't have to hand books in and are thus without their notes whilst I mark.

    We also use a Google Site as a virtual classroom where I can put instructions, class activities, general resources.  Eacxh student has their own set of pages where they can post their work, comment on each other's work, and reflect on their own work.  We have been trialling it this year and it seems to be going well.  

    We don't have GAFE just now so rely on personal accounts but am hoping to show how effective Google Apps can be to enhance student learning to persuade my school that GAFE the way to go.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 26 Jun 2013 11:25am ()

    This video from Nayland Primary here in Nelson shows a great example of UFB in action

  • Jacinda Panther (View all users posts) 24 Jun 2013 12:23pm ()

    My class are blogging, http://preethisperfectblog.blogspot.co.nz/

    writing collaborative stories, 

    using google presentation to present maths strategies, http://room11gms.blogspot.co.nz/2013/06/ninas-google-presentation-numeracy.html

    Any more ideas??

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