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Feedback, marking and storage of work using devices

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Started by Rachel Baker 21 May 2013 10:25pm () Replies (6)

Hi - this year we have started two e-learning classes where each student has their own iPad and we have a 5 shared laptops and 3 desktop computers per class.

One thing I am finding challenging as a teacher in one of these rooms is how best to mark work and where to write feedback now that students work is in so many locations. Students might use Pages, Google Docs, Notability or other apps to write or create in.

I am also wondering how other teachers get students to store their digital work? As mid year reports are looming I would like to have a central place to view all work but as we use a variety of tools it could be in numerous places - some of which I have access to from home like Google Docs or Dropbox but others such as Pages which I can't view unless I have the students iPad in front of me.

Some ideas I have considered are getting students to save all work into Dropbox under their personal folder and sub folders, using Edmodo for students to 'turn in' tasks, using Evernote, using an app like WebDav to save files to our school server and also using an online / digital portfolio. However we are only trialling different options for digital portfolios so they aren't fully set up at this stage.

Any thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated.



  • anne robertson (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 9:35am ()

    Hi there,

    I use a Google Site for my Spanish class.  As well as class pages whhere I put the work they need to complete, links to resources and embedded media such as videos and padlets, the students each have their own page.  They can write directly (or copy and paste so we can get accents- lack of accents in Google Sites frustrates me but it is the same in Wikispaces) or they can upload documents including sound files. They can also embed videos, and any other digital media they have created for their work.  I can leave comments about their work and they can respond.  You can alos make the pages private through using the page sharing option.  So the class pages are shared with all the students and their individual pages are only shared with them and a buddy, so that they can peer review.

    We use google Docs alongside Google Sites for collaborative work, for co-cinstructing docs and also for individual work so that I can give more specific feedback.  They then add these as links into their pages.

    We are not a GAFE school, so at present I am using a personal site which has limitations on the amount of data you can include.  However, I am half way through the year and we still haven't run out of space.  It is important though to teach the students to compress files they upload especially videos and images. Not sure what my back up is when we run out of space ..... maybe create a second site for the rest of the year....



  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 8:46am ()

    Hi Amy,

    I used to use wikispaces.  I think it is far better than google sites.  There is a big push at school to use Google Sites.  We want to have consistency of platforms across the school so I need to persevere with google sites for now.  I am being hopeful that there are workarounds for some of the problems I am having with google sites.


    Cheers Susan

  • Amy McCauley (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 6:11am ()


    Have you looked into using Wikispaces for your students? This tool will allow you to comment on specific content your students have uploaded.  Below is a link to supporting material I used for a conference.  Feel free to ask any questions :)

    We also get the parents to become a member of their students wikispace, so they can be involved in the process.  We run parent workshops on what makes a quality comment.  Students also provide feedback/ feedforward to peers, again we do a lot of front loading on what makes a quality comment.

    You can also restrict who can view your wikispace - just members or you can make it public.


  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 12 Jun 2013 10:41pm ()


    I am having the same issue with marking stuff on devices.  Google docs is fabulous for this.  We have just started indiviudal blogs for uploading writing to which is working well too.  I wonder at the privacy of commenting with constructive feedback in such a public forum though.  

    I have the students uploading most work to their google site which enables us to see the progression of ideas in our inquiry learning.  I just hate how I can't leave comments on it and it is impossible to upload some things like audio files.

    I have found myself using the tablets less since we started google docs and the blog.  I want to get back into this.   It seems to be trial and error working out what we can convert to images and pdf so we can upload to blogs or gsites.

  • Warren Grieve (View all users posts) 21 May 2013 10:51pm ()

    I would use Google docs in your case. Get pupils to upload pdf copies from programs like pages. Multimedia is another difficulty. If you have access to youtube you could have a class video channel that pupils put videos into and then can link to these from their google docs or setup websites or blogs in google sites or blogs as their portfolios.

    Photosync is great for getting videos quickly off iPads to laptops etc. My pupils use it all the time.

    Do you have an LMS in your school (i.e. Ultranet, KNowledgenet etc.)? Some of these have good portfolio systems. Could also use https://mahara.org/

    Keep in mind privacy and media release confirmations. Also don't be afraid in some cases to ask work to be placed in a systme like Googe docs. My class all have draft copy wiritng books in Google docs so I can see their work esaily, proof it, use versioning to look back at thier development, use comment systems and then they copy the passed draft into their blogs. See http://medbury.ultranet.school.nz/ClassSpace/474/

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