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Getting to know each other.

As we are coming together, from working in a range of projects, for the hui, it would be great to start getting to know each other before we meet face to face.

How about introducing yourself and saying what you are passionate about in relation to education.


  • Vicki Hagenaars (View all users posts) 16 May 2013 10:05pm ()

    Kia Ora to our Community!

    My name is Vicki Hagenaars.  I teach at Wanganui Intermediate School, also fulfilling the role as ICT Lead Teacher with a wide range of responsibilities.

    I am gaining confidence in the fact I am actually on the right track, dragging our staff along behind, through the VPLD.  This includes the learning spaces my learning team inhabits, ideas I have for moving the school forward (I think the principal dreads my "Do you have a minute?" chats as they end in $ signs!), and where my own learning is headed.

    I am passionate about sharing my own experiences and collaborating with other like-minded individuals who are also challenging the traditional view of teaching and learning. This allows all of us a chance to learn.  I view myself more as a facilitator than a teacher walking alongside my students as they explore their ideas, skill sets and develop understanding of all around them. I am indeed one of Merryn's peeps who, with my lovely assitants, will facilitate a session at the Hui.

    This will be my 2nd Hui and, if I get as much out of this as I did from the first, my boss is going to dread the Tuesday after Queen's Birthday! 

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