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Device equity in a BYOD school

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Started by anne robertson 13 May 2013 2:46pm () Replies (3)

I was wondering if anyone had seen any research done on the optimum number of devices per class for effective learning in a classroom?  We are a BYOD school but students do not have to bring a device if they prefer not to.  There has been some concern amongst staff, students and parents that this leads to an uneven playing field and means that some students are disadvantaged. I have heard that one device with 3 - 4 students working around it has led to the most effective learning but can find no evidence to back this up. Can anyone help?


  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 16 May 2013 10:00am ()

    Thanks for your post here, Anne. A tricky question :)  My feeling is - and I haven't got a piece of research to hand, even if one exists - that the number of devices that is 'optimum' totally depends on the students and the learning activity. There won't be a one number that fits all. Some students require their own device in order to meet their needs. I do know that Albany Senior High managed with a 1:3 ration - more details in this thread from Mark Osborne - and there will, I'm sure, be other stories from across NZ. 

    It's not an ideal answer but the question remians: what do we want to achieve? What combination of devices will suit that goal?

    Does that help at all?

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