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ipads - dataprojector and Reading Apps

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Started by Jo Hall 09 May 2013 3:51pm () Replies (3)

Hi, Can anyone please tell me a quick and easy way to hook up your ipad to a dataprojector so I can model the use of apps?  AND

Does anyone use a great app where you can create comprehension questions for kids to answer in reading time?  all I can find is the app iresponse?  Is anyone using it?  Is it any good?  Or is there apps that people are using that is quick and easy to set up and use.  I work with kids who would do better in Reading if they could answer their questions without having to write their responses.  Was wanting to set up a station as part of my reading rotation.


  • Maureen (View all users posts) 09 May 2013 4:04pm ()

    You need to buy a VGA connection for your ipad and then it is just plug in to you ipad and othe end to the data projector and you are up and going.

  • Robyn Wood (View all users posts) 09 May 2013 4:05pm ()

    Hi Jo

    We use Reflector.  It can be purchased from http://www.reflectorapp.com/ .  You download it onto the laptop / computer you are using to project onto the data projector.  Then once you turn it on on your laptop / computer, you double tap the home button on the ipad and then scroll left.  A square type symbol will appear, click on this and then your device that is projecting will show up.  Click on this and then your ipad will be mirrored onto your screen. Sorry I can't help with a reading comprehension app though.  - Robyn 

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