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Started by Sandy Dougherty 08 May 2013 1:07pm () Replies (3)

I want to subscribe to a couple of blogs that don't have RSS feeds and I can't find a way to get some sort of notice that there is a new post. These same blogs also don't seem to have an email options. I tried using flipboard but couldn't this app to find the blogs I was wanting to follow.


  • Leigh Hynes (View all users posts) 27 May 2013 2:01pm ()

    Have you tried using Feedly as a reader?  I have been using google reader for ages but it is stopping in July and I am not so sure about feedly but once you have installed it on your browser there is a small Feedly mini in the bottom right hand side of your Internet pages and you just click on that when you want to add something to the reader.  I think this adds any blog to your reader and press the green plus sign.  Let me know if it works for the blogs that you want it to.

  • Annemarie Hyde (View all users posts) 08 May 2013 4:18pm ()

    Blogger has a facility to be a friend of the blog if you have a google account.

    You could contact the blog owner and say you want to subscribe.  I have helped set up class and student blogs and there is a facility in the set up to have posts emailed to a number of addresses.  I have added myself as DP to student blogs so I can comment on posts as they happen.  A number of our parents have their emails added too.

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