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Literacy e-tools for CL 1&2?

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Started by Monika Kern 01 May 2013 11:59am () Replies (10)

One of my small rural schools is looking for some ideas what e-tools they could use for their Y1-4 class. They have a mixture of PCs and Macs. As their roll is very small, they are not planning to spend up large on tablets - though if this was 'the only option' they might look into purchasing some. I have looked through the other fantastic suggestions in this group but I feel that these students are not quite at that level yet. Any advice, please? Many thanks in advance!


  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 01 May 2013 12:14pm ()

    Hi Monika

    I would have the students using digital cameras as motivation for writing. They could use any word processing software for this. Other software that could be used would be Paint, KidPix and Comic Life.

  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 01 May 2013 9:09pm ()

    Hi Monika

    5 card flicker is a simple website where you're given 5 random pictures and you just make a simple text for each one and create a basic narrative.  It's fun and may be a lead-in to multimedia 

  • Barbara Reid (View all users posts) 01 May 2013 9:26pm ()

    Photostory is a free download for PCs. I have used it with Year 2 and up. The students took their own photos to retell a story in reading or used pictures they had drawn in Paint. It combines visual, written and oral language and fits all areas of the curriculum, eg Making Gingerbread or Butterflies, swimming,  etc. A great little site for early readers is Teach your monster to read. Teachers can create a class account and each student has a login. Another useful site is Studyladder where teachers have a class account and can set up activites to support maths and literacy learning needs.

  • Warren (View all users posts) 02 May 2013 11:51am ()

    I have used Storybird with my class and they love it with many carrying on writing or starting their own stories at home. www.storybird.com

    The one thing I have found is that they write about each picture rather than continuing a naarative which is what we are aiming for. On the other hand it is a good way to show them the difference between a narrative and a collection of ideas.

  • Jill Hammonds (View all users posts) 05 Aug 2013 12:14pm ()

    Hi Warren & Monika,

    Yes I love Storybird too.  I have found that if I get the kids to select their pictures first, and then do the writing, they are more inclined to create a storyline and work it through to conclusion.  I find that this needs to be modelled to them and then try creating a storybird all together before the kids create their own or in pairs.

    There are also lots of great storybirds to read for shared reading to again model how to create the narrative.

    Cheers, Jill

  • Monika Kern (View all users posts) 02 May 2013 1:03pm ()

    The beauty of collaboration - thanks so much to everyone and please keep the suggestions coming! Everytime I think 'Gosh, I don't know this", I just pop into the VLN and ask a question and - voila there is the answer!

    I have put together a list of e-tools (PC) to engage reluctant writers in this Google Doc. It started off with a list from Catriona Pene from her fantastic L@S presentation. Please feel free to use, adapat, add.

  • Vanitha Govini (View all users posts) 02 May 2013 4:04pm ()

    Thanks Monika for sharing this with us. Good to see all the digital technologies in one doc. Thanks Catriona for making a great start. Timely support!

  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 03 May 2013 4:57pm ()

    A great question to quick off this kōrero - and lots of generous sharing here - good stuff:)  Monika, are you able to tell us a bit about more about the students in the school? For example, what are the stand-out needs and the strengths and passions in the classes? or maybe the school has a learning focus for the year? It's always helpful to find out a bit more so we can tailor our suggestions usefully for you Cool

  • Jill Hammonds (View all users posts) 05 Aug 2013 12:21pm ()

    Hi Monika,

    My Learning At School presentation for junior teachers may also have some ideas that would assist this school.  It is based around raising student achievement in literacy, and talks about the fact that we need to get the horse back in front of the cart, by coming from the particular learning intentions we have for student writing, to then choose relevant technologies and software etc. rathern than coming from a specific tool and working out what to do with it.  You can access the Google presentation here and you may also like to check out my Junior Classes Wiki - its not hugely up to date anymore but there may still be useful things there for this school.

    Cheers, Jill

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