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2013 Emerging Leaders' Summit

Started by Mark Osborne 24 Apr 2013 11:41am () Replies (7)

Tena koutou,

A number of people have been asking me recently about PLD opportunties around leadership and leading change in schools (for eLearning initiatives, but also more generally) and I thought I would share with you this event that's coming up:

The Emerging Leaders' Summit 2013

The Emerging Leaders Summit is a two-day masterclass looking specifically at leadership: how to be the best leader you can be, and just as importantly how to grow leaders around you so that one person with one idea suddenly becomes a movement for change. The summit brings together inspirational educational leaders from around the country with an emphasis on how to implement new ideas in an organisation and how to lead change. It's about making sure you've got the head (knowledge) the hands (skills) and the heart (purpose) to get to where you want to go and to take others with you. We'll be exploring leading eLearning, strengths-based leadership, "leading up", change leadership, Maori and Pasifika achievement, social justice, modern learning environments, and user-centred design among other things. If you can't make it, please promote it in your schools. 15th & 16th June 2013 in Auckland.

Who is the Emerging Leaders' Summit for?

  • High-performing educators who are currently in, or are ready to take on, their first leadership role (middle or senior leadership).
  • People who are interested in growing the capacity of the people in their teams, schools and communities ("A good leader grows other leaders around them" Cavanagh 2012)
  • Overall, ELS aims to fast-track the leadership development of high-potential candidates, and ensure they are equipped for the task of educational transformation.


  • Iva Hamilton (View all users posts) 25 Apr 2013 11:48am ()

    Hi Mark

    Where/how does one register for the Emmerging Leaders Summit? I would be very interested in finding out  more details- venue etc

  • Mark Osborne (View all users posts) 26 Apr 2013 1:20pm ()

    Hi Iva,

    There's more information here: events.core-ed.org/emerging-leaders-summit but essential details are:

    • 15-16 June
    • Albany Senior High School, Auckland
  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 25 Apr 2013 2:18pm ()

    Very interested also, but in reading the details I see your vision is focused on the Gen Y demographic.... I'm  tailend baby boomers,  but involved in, and wish to be more supported in leadership and change management around imperative 21stC learning concepts. Other than ULearn, there is little around and Im struggling to find PD, support and models. Am studying Masters online in this area of 21stC directions which is filling that void somewhat. How suitable would this summit be for those of us older than your 22-35 demographic? If not so suitable, there lies a niche for a slightly older group 40- 55. They are going to be an essential group in the next decade if there is the willingness to keep up and be on board  with what's coming. Just needing some feedback so I can register or leave it. Cheers Mark .

  • Mark Osborne (View all users posts) 26 Apr 2013 1:26pm ()

    Kia ora Anjela,

    We're careful with our language here: 'emerging' leaders has no prescribed age because it's really about mindset more than anything. 'Emerging' leaders are people moving into early leadership, or aspiring to move into it, regardless of age or experience. Something I hear a lot from people is that there is a real shortage of PLD opportunties for people wanting to become better leaders: grow others around them, be more effective in their organisations, lead change more effectively. Let's try to grow opportunities (as you say) for people from across the whole sector in this area.


  • Jess Ward (View all users posts) 06 May 2013 9:23am ()

    I attended the Emerging Leaders Summit last year and thoroughly enjoyed the format and speakers.  The opportunity to network with others was also a highlight.  Therefore I was disheartened to hear that this summit is only being held in Auckland this year, like 90% of leading Educational Professional Development on offer for NZ teachers :(

    Please re-consider offering this wonderful learning opportunity to other centres again in 2014.


  • Jacqueline Hill (View all users posts) 06 May 2013 9:37am ()


    I agree - I'm really keen to attend this summit, it sounds great - might there be similar opportunities offered in the South Island this / next year?


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