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help with apps for sounding and number knowledge.

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Started by Kimberlie Cording 22 Apr 2013 9:27pm () Replies (5)

Hi all

I am a kiwi teacher working with a 5 yr old in Dubai, UAE who is reluctant to sound words out.....pressure is on here to perform for entrance into a school.....no state paid schooling here!

Looking for some great apps for the ipad that coud support this and maybe some great number ones too! Need to work with the child on this one.


  • ian suckling (View all users posts) 23 Apr 2013 7:15am ()

    Hi, I'm sure you know about this one, but I find it great for my 5 yr old daughter.

    Starfall isn't an app, although I notice that with a browser like Rover, you can use it on an ipad (it uses flash) http://www.starfall.com/ (it is searchable in the apps store). I like that it has exercises in letter and blend sounds with associated stories that use these same sounds. For some strange reason, my daughter loves the simple animated pictures in the stories!

    There seems to be good progression through the exercises from simple sounds to harder ones. Of course the fact that you can click on the words and letters and the software speaks the sound is helpful too. 

    Cheers I

  • Desert.blonde (View all users posts) 23 Apr 2013 10:18am ()

    Hi there,

    Can you tell me the nationality of the student as this can make a big difference to the way they respond to things? 

    There are several apps for autism which encourage speaking and matching which could be quite useful. You could try 'Connect Cards', which is one that I have found is simple and effective, or 'Communications', which is a similiar app (both of which are free).

    As for the maths, 'Number Magic2' and Rubber Chicken 'Tens Frame' are excellent. If you are looking at basic addition etc then, 'Number Lines' is a great start to simple equations.

    Try not to make comments such as" there is no state paid schooling here", as this is untrue. There is state schooling for Emirates students, just not expats. The Emirates are spending a great deal of money at the moment in conjunction with companies such as Cognition (from New Zealand) to improve these state schools to a better standard. I think it is important that we don't give the wrong impression by giving incorrect information.

    Hope these suggestions are helpful.

    Cheers, Kristin

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 23 Apr 2013 6:19pm ()

    Hi Leelee,

    Thanks for your post – how awesome is it to see the VLN being used for international collaboration!

    Identifying the reasons for reluctance is one step towards helping you to choose an appropriate tool to reinforce learning in that specific area. Finding a strong motivator for the student to engage is also pretty important. Finding the perfect app to combine the two is definitely the hard part.

    From your request it sounds like using the iPad motivates your student. I have used the voicethread app to encourage development of speech sounds and reflecting on what they sound like. I used pages from a story for the student to read back, and used picture cards or photos with specific words to say. Most kids are love seeing themselves on camera, so the video commenting function adds another motivation (although the video screen is quite small). Once they got over the initial novelty of watching themselves, I then asked them to reflect on their sounding out or other focus area we were working on at the time. Another option is to record voice over picture cards or a story in an e-book and have them comment on how they think they sound.

    If it is the speech sounds that your student needs support with there are loads of speech language Apps available. Have a look at the Teachers with Apps website for some ideas. Otherwise you could try putting “phonemes” into the App store, there are some good free apps that may help you find something appropriate to what you are looking for.

  • Roxy Hickman (View all users posts) 30 Apr 2013 11:29am ()

    SPED Aps  is a wiki site that has a range of Apps for Special Ed. One of the Aps under Phonics is Word Wizard. This app has a range of activities and is adaptable between QWERTY/ABC and letter name/phonics. Have a look at the You Tube Clip (best way to rate an app - especially a paid one!)  


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