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Samsung Galaxy Camera

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Started by Allanah King 22 Apr 2013 12:09am () Replies (9)

I am about to buy myself a Samsung Galaxy wifi/3G camera.


Has anyone else got one- what do they think of it.


  • Enchante (View all users posts) 29 Apr 2013 8:56pm ()

    I'm not sure about the collecting credit card details but maybe you can read the terms and conditions. I've been in the beta testing group for years now and I haven't had a problem. They collect data so they know what words you use and how you swype to get them so they can actively adapt to the way you swype. (On the full stop thing, I know with swype after a fullstop and space, the next letter is also capital)

    I haven't found a great word processor yet, office suite is fine or smart office. Both are trial versions but I have the paid ones (I keep a lookout using App Sales app). Cloud On sucks. It is so slow and yet everyone still advocates it, I reckon people just copy other people's lists.

    Downloading on multiple devices only works for personal use. For any kind of business use (including schools) require bulk buying. Usually you buy them in 10 unit bundles.

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2013 11:55pm ()

    I am so well trained with iOS that I double tap the space bar to get a full stop all the time. On an iPad double tapping adds a full stop, puts in a space and the next letter is automatically a capital letter.

    Yes a pre-paid Prezi card could well act like a credit card and keep an eye on spending.

    An issue with iPads is around buying apps for multiple devices- by any chance have you read the Terms of Service? Can I legally download an app onto multiple devices at school using the one purchase across multiple tablets!

    I downloaded Swype for typing which is a lot faster but I am a bit worried cos it says it collects everything that you have typed- should I be worried if I type in things like credit card details etc.

    Thank you- I downloaded the photo editor which will suit me nicely I think.

    What would you recommend in the way of a Word Processor? I am not likely to do a lot of writing as such on my camera but it is nice to have an option should I feel the need to write a blog post and there is no internet around to get Google Docs.

    Thanks for your help. I feel like I am getting the hang of it.


  • Enchante (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2013 10:34pm ()

    I don't know what you mean by double tapping for a full stop as I used Swype to type. 

    I think a lot of school's don't have credit cards, but they can set a very low limit. At the moment there is no itunes card equivalent but you can get prepaid credit cards. 


    This is a good photo editor and it is free


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 28 Apr 2013 6:02pm ()

    I bought the camera and got the teacher discount - a little bit for the camera itself but a decent amount on the SD card for it so it was worth asking.

    Playing with it it is also teaching me the way of the Android!!!

    Things I notice.....

    • Doubling tapping for a full stop just moves you two spaces along which is annoying ;-)
    • It has done two software and a firmware updates since I bought it.
    • It is interesting getting my email on my camera!
    • I put it on 3G from Telecom- we'll see how that goes.
    • With all the zooming in and out the battery goes down fairly fast but not worryingly fast.
    • I can now make my camera into the wifi hotspot!

    Two questions.....

    • I hooked it up to my VISA card for buying a few apps that I thought I couldn't do without. For a school how could they limit the spending as they might do using an iTunes card. Spending money is all just a bit too easy!!!
    • I want a good photo editing app- cropping, filters etc. I have Instagram but it makes all my photos into squares which is OK I suppose if you like square photos. What else might people suggest.
  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 22 Apr 2013 9:53am ()

    I was thinking that I probably wouldn't make use of their Dropbox option as I already have 20GB of Dropbox space that I can use and it won't go away after two years.

    I don't think I would want to synch photos for the same reason I don't synch my iPad photos to iCloud either- most are lame and not worth keeping.

    I would mainly want to upload the photos to Twitter or to a blog and not many of those at a time.

    I will ask about the discount too- good thinking. I have bought a couple of iPads there so and my Mac Book Air so they know me.

    I even bought my first computer there- 4GB hard drive! Woohoo!!!!

  • Enchante (View all users posts) 22 Apr 2013 9:46am ()

    Yes, you are a bit well known as early adopter =) I've visited a few schools and they mention you by name (New Market for one)

    I am an android person through and through (I have Galaxy Nexus phone and Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1) but it's hard for the classroom when app developers don't target education. Everything cool needs to be rooted and while I am able to do it, I'm not going to root 100 devices for my school. So looks like my school will go the iPad route soon.

    I think if you dislike cords then yeah, this device would be decent for you. Just be aware though that you'll be taking a lot of pictures at a higher megapixel rate which means that your photos will be large. If you take a lot of photos say 30, then uploading 30 will take quite a bit of time over wifi or 3G. Also be aware that if you get 3G you'll need a sim card or something (not sure what they have inside the cameras). The benefit of cords is that they can load quite quickly.

    I think the device is fine, just be aware that picture quality won't be as good as on your DSLR. The lens is quite small (huge compared to phones though). Also, are you able to purchase if through your school? I know that Noel Lemmings do a great discount for schools. Usually cost + 10% as an individual and sometimes more if you are buying through the school's name.


  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 22 Apr 2013 9:32am ()

    As I haven't actually bought it yet you are making me think which is a good thing....

    I like taking photos and in the past have done a 365 photo a day project from my iPhone but was frustrated with the lack of optical zoom.

    I have a loathing of chords and the plugging in of USB cables is annoying.

    I bought a great DSLR at Christmas for when I want serious photography but was looking for something handbag size for travelling.

    I am a tiny little bit geeky and like exploring new gadgets.

    I would like to play with an up to date Android device so I can experiment with what apps could potentially work for kids.

    I am heading to Sydney in the first week of school for Google Certification and didn't want to turn up with an iPad.

    And I am not good at saving money!!!!! Much better at spending it!!!!!!

    I am an early adopter and like new stuff.


  • Enchante (View all users posts) 22 Apr 2013 9:21am ()

    Waht's the purpose of your purchase? Is it so you can upload photos faster and hassle free because you can use things like dropbox?

    As for picture quality I'm sure it will be better than a lot of digital cameras and definitely better than phone cameras. But won't take better pictures than DSLRs

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