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Key Competencies in a digital age

Key Competencies onlineDo you and your colleagues discuss and share ways to integrate the Key Competencies in different learning areas?

The Ministry of Education has funded the development of a new tool, Key Competencies and effective pedagogy (NZCER, University of Waikato) that looks at the combination of knowledge acquisition and capabilities together.

The tool includes:

  • self-audit framework of 9 simple questions about effective pedagogy – designed to enable teachers to reflect more on the design, action and future focus of teaching the Key Competencies
  • 14 examples of practice that show what this pedagogy might look like in different learning areas. For example, what might ‘Thinking; look like in dance – or in a health context.

This also ties in nicely with the future-oriented trend, A curriculum that uses knowledge to develop learning capacity as described in,  Supporting future-oriented learning & teaching — a New Zealand perspective, p 31



Any ideas about how the Key Competencies might look like online? Any examples of how this relates to Digital Citizenship?



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  • linda Ojala (View all users posts) 15 Aug 2013 9:50pm ()

    Hi Tessa

    wow there seems to be a lot of  info here, maybe you could point me in the right direction?? As a school we are currently developing our digital smart programme. We have some fantastic models that we have been looking at. Most of these have different areas such as footprint, responsibility ect and seem to sit beside the Key Competencies. We are wanting to develop ours with the Key Competencies being the  focus, have your seen anything this specific. (hope I have explained myself well enough??)

  • Tessa Gray (View all users posts) 22 Aug 2013 5:17pm ()

    Hi Linda, here's a wix diagram I've created, putting the key competencies online - in context. I definitely need to update this now...things change so quickly.

    Key competencies online

    You might also be interested in the resources being shared in the Digital Citizenship group - as well as the profiles shared in this thread, Does your school have a Digital Citizenship profile?

    Keep an eye out for some of the handy Group bookmarks - specifically looking at teaching digital citizenship in the classroom. And of course, ee'd love for you to share your resources/examples in these threads as well! Smile

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