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The process to complete

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Started by Shane 07 Apr 2013 10:41am () Replies (7)

BYOD in my view is an extension of what you already have in school. It is just that the students are able to increase the amount of time they can have access to one computer/tablet for themselves.

My principal was saying that a school had done a two year process to get BYOD in place, I believe this is unrealistic. I was wondering what others had done? Personally I think a term of looking at it, putting a policy in place and having a community consultation at the end would surfice.

One point he made was that there was problems with what they could access on their tablets... I don't think this is relevant as we already have laptops and the internet access would be the same on them as they would be for anyone who had BYOD.


Any thoughts on this process as I am down to two computers in my class and want the BYOD to go ahead asap as I have 4-6 students who will be able to bring their own devices in.


  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 16 Apr 2013 2:38pm ()

    Great resource, Amanda, which asks plenty of useful questions across the board.

    I agree in part with Mark in that we could get overly fussy about getting everything 'right' before jumping in. There is, however, a real advantage in knowing where likely sticky points are going to be and have developed at the very least a strategic plan for how the technology will be rolled out, how it is likely to impact across the dimensions of the school and why you are rolling in in the first place.

    The e-Learning Planning Framework reminds us that the curriculum vision leads these kinds of initiatives (not the tech), and that each school needs to look across the five dimensions - leadership, professional learning, teaching, infrastructure and connecting with your community - if any e-capability initiative is going to fly and be sustained.

    Of course there will be hiccups, learning curves (and curve balls) - the biggest one being developing a vision for how learning (and associated PD) might evolve for your students so it's not just 'business as it's always been' (but on a smaller screen);-)

    Asking questions in forums such as this goes a long way to starting with eyes open. Best of luck! :)

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