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Creative Android Apps

Started by Allanah King 04 Apr 2013 10:55pm () Replies (4)

I am very much a newbie to Android devices. I have borrowed one to practice with so I can assist one of my full primary schools who have twenty or so Android tablets with three tablets per class managed by the class teachers them selves.

This afternoon I have downloaded these apps on recommendations from Barbara Reid's Android website and some tweets but am really looking for some open ended apps children can use creatively in a primary school.

  • MeeGenius
  • Skype
  • Evernote
  • Skitch
  • Lensoo Creator
  • QR BArcode
  • Pic Collage
  • PicsArt
  • JetDraw
  • Mondomo
  • Jetnote

 Also I was wondering if you could help me with some specific apps like...

1. A writing app that you can insert photos in like kids would want to do- (not with Google apps just yet).

2. A maths app for learning basic facts that you can customise for children's attainment level?

2. Can you print directly from an app like Pic Collage or do you have to email to a laptop first?

3. Can I group the apps and put like the all the maths ones in a folder or at least on different pages.

If you could help me with suggestions and tips that would be fabulous.




  • Ross Hampton (View all users posts) 07 Apr 2013 11:13am ()

    Hi Allanah

    Writing App: Try Kingsoft Office or Cloudon. 

    Printing can be set up through Google Cloud print - I have each class printing to their own class printer.

    You can create pages of apps - although I don't know if you can lock them.

    I have added you as a moderator - Your list of apps on the bookmark page looks great: Here's ours:


    The Apple Tablet side isn't complete yet........


    And our list of Web Tools, some of which can be used on tablets






  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 18 May 2013 8:25pm ()


    Hi All,

    I promised Allanah I would share the list of apps I have been experimenting with at the Nelson Roadshow.  Unfortunately I then came done really ill and am only just better enough to work on extras.



    I have discovered 'Show and tell' which is as close to 'explain everything' I can find.

    I like sNote (samsung 10.1 exclusive) but wish it came with autosave.The class love 'Simple mind' for brainstorming.   We are uploading our brainstorms to gsite by exportinga as a picture.

    I have tried to use 'one note mobile' instead of evernote but i forgot the username and  password I set it up with so can't upload.  Hence I am experimenting now with googles version 'keep'.  I think evernote is the best.

    Grade 6 (and below available) vocab

    vocab builder



    Maths:  mental maths addition and subtraction, mathletics (samsung app store) 

    I am going to be trialing 'splashtop 2' for linking the tablet and having it reflect my desktop.  Not sure how this will be useful in a year 7&8 class but I can definitely see it being useful in year 6 and below as a mobile interactive whiteboard.


    I love '9gag' for getting humormous pictures to show to the class.

    I have tried 'Animoto' for making movies but gave up and used windows movie maker 2.6.


    'play music' from google play for buying and playing music.  At last we android users have a music store.


    2ndry art teacher loves 'ps touch'  that come on Samsung snote 10.1.


    for drawing:  skitch, kidspaint, paint pro, colour pencil

    Science:  science hub, sky map  (2ndry science teacher experimenting with a range of periodic table apps.


    Then there are the great apps that we know from the ipad forum

    pic collage,  pocket, dropbox, evernote, photo grid




    around the world in 80 days


    bad piggies

    amazing alex

    majesty  (old pc favourite rts game)

    7 words

    rescue roby



    The thing I am really noticing with having BYOD  in the classroom is how much more confident the kids are who own the device on the apps.  We have a mix of ipods and tablets that the kids are bringing.  I kid is about to get an ipad  (I hope!!! Have heard a rumor).   Those students who don't have their own device share and use the netbooks.  Google has many great apps for pc that we are using but the kids are not confident as they only use the netbooks in class.

    The other huge benefit is the predictive keyboard that comes with samsung.  The dyslexic students love it and it helps immensly with getting their work done. 


    Hope this helps someone.  I am in the very early stages of intergrating tablets into the class so some of these apps havn't really been used a lot with the children.


    Cheers Susan

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 18 May 2013 10:24pm ()

    Fabulous. Fabulous. You have given me a place to go exploring. You are a star!

    I just heard about Google Play for Education which is coming out some time this year which will make life a lot easier to find apps for Android that can be good to use with students.


    We have a while to wait though but sharing like you have done makes it easier for all of us.

    Thank you

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