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Growing leadership of e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 - Resourcing

Started by Karen Spencer 03 Apr 2013 2:49pm () Replies (168)

Kia ora koutou, talofa lava and welcome...

interconnected woven circlesThis kōrero invites you to think about those leadership skills and understandings which might be important when planning to resource e-learning in your school. We have all heard stories of schools investing heavily in technologies first and then deciding afterwards how they will be useful...or inviting students to bring in their own devices before considering how this might support the curriculum.

We know that e-learning is driven by curriculum and pedagogy - so what does this mean for leaders who need to grow a kete of services and technologies to support this in their school? 


Some resources to kick start this mahi...


From Enabling e-Learning Leadership, Dr Cheryl Doig outlines the change process and explains how to sustain change. As you watch, ask yourself what kind of leadership capabilities would be needed to do this and how does this relate to resourcing?

[Link to video with transcript]


Our key questions...

  • How might principals grow their capacity to lead the resourcing of e-learning?

  • How might your decisions about school resourcing of e-learning impact on property, personnel or finance?

Cool WEBINAR: You can access the webinar recording for this kōrero via this link

[Image credit: CC Hazel Owen]


  • Yvette Moorhouse (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 8:28pm ()

    Kathy - loved the pics :-) I agree you definitely need an inspirational teacher to lead this otherwise it will (and does all too often) falls flat. We all know when a motivated and enthusiastic person leads something that enthusiasm becomes contagious to all – great hook to hooking others in.  Especially when they see all the fantastic learning that others are doing. I guess when you have no one stepping up to lead then it does become a problem.  What to do then???  As we all can logically see it is the way of learning and we do all need to embrace it and have a go – despite how ‘scary or foreign’ it may seem. 

    Including it in the strategic plan - as a target would help ensuring that it does become embedded. 

    When the budget is being drawn up money needs to be allocated to Professional Learning and also to acquiring/maintaining equipment.  I am not sure if the government has taken into account the costs of all this - especially when you look at how hard it is for smaller schools with a much smaller budget.  Where else to get money/funding from?  Grants? - can't always rely on these though.


  • Yvette Moorhouse (View all users posts) 10 May 2013 9:35pm ()

    I was thinking about the leadership capabilities you would need to lead this...  Definitely this is where Ako comes to mind: being a learner too - being actively involved.  It also helps to have current research to support what you are trying to drive.  Awhinatanga - being supportive, look for ways you can support.  The important part that leapt out to me was, like previously mentioned, developing a shared understanding and vision - not just buy and use but how is this equipment gong to be used, and in what places will it be used?  How would it look here at our school?  Making all this connect back to your vision.  Ensuring it is part of all professional learning and expectations of school - and this is ongoing so that it becomes sustained/embedded.

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e-Learning: Leadership

e-Learning: Leadership

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