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Growing leadership of e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 - Resourcing

Started by Karen Spencer 03 Apr 2013 2:49pm () Replies (168)

Kia ora koutou, talofa lava and welcome...

interconnected woven circlesThis kōrero invites you to think about those leadership skills and understandings which might be important when planning to resource e-learning in your school. We have all heard stories of schools investing heavily in technologies first and then deciding afterwards how they will be useful...or inviting students to bring in their own devices before considering how this might support the curriculum.

We know that e-learning is driven by curriculum and pedagogy - so what does this mean for leaders who need to grow a kete of services and technologies to support this in their school? 


Some resources to kick start this mahi...


From Enabling e-Learning Leadership, Dr Cheryl Doig outlines the change process and explains how to sustain change. As you watch, ask yourself what kind of leadership capabilities would be needed to do this and how does this relate to resourcing?

[Link to video with transcript]


Our key questions...

  • How might principals grow their capacity to lead the resourcing of e-learning?

  • How might your decisions about school resourcing of e-learning impact on property, personnel or finance?

Cool WEBINAR: You can access the webinar recording for this kōrero via this link

[Image credit: CC Hazel Owen]


  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 05 May 2013 6:03pm ()

    Great kete content Sarah.

    In reading your vision around improving student achievement, I think about the 2003 Digital Horizons: Learning through ICT: a strategy for schools. It was within this policy that we saw a marked change in perspectives, a major 'rethink' was needed and this policy kick-started the notion of learning about ICTs, learning with ICTs, and learning through ICTs. From these three key areas seven goals and initiatves were created, and here we saw the introcution of TKI, VLN, LeadSpace for leaders, WickED, CANZ (computers in homes) Maori resourcing, digitization of content through National library etc. We've seen quite a lot of literature since, outlining the move away from the skills about an ICT tool, and focus on the how they're being used.

    Derek Wenmoth (eLearnings: Implementing a National Strategy for ICT in Education 1998 -2010, 2010). shares an interesting vision reflecting the future of schools. Moving beyond our 'connected' status within schools, he outlines 'networked' schools, whereby learning takes place across time and places, supported by schools interconnected and offering differing learning opportunities. A student can be at one school, and link in real time to something that is happening in another location, at their chosing, because it is avaiable. Working interconnectedly, not independently ... pretty interesting challenges lay ahead for leaders, aspiring leaders, and educators. Pretty exciting times lie ahead for students and life long learners ....

    The latest Education and Science Committe Report (2012) published 48 recommendations that need serious consideration and action to move NZ forward into a 21st C model of learning and teaching across sectors and life long learning.  Noted is the need for leadership within schools to be firmly developed, and for current heads to be supported more, through development of eLearning leaders, fully supported by PD, release etc. Country-wide leaders developed and employed to support schools in this area more fully was another recommendation. It is a daunting and overwhelming task for some of our current heads in schools, to undertake what we all know is essential.  A subsequent press release by Nikki Kay Associate minister of Ed, April 10 (www.beehive.govt.nz) indicate that Govt is sitting up and taking note, and indications are that there will be some concrete outcomes in the nearer future - watch this space!

    Your encouragement and suggestions for leaders' kete is great ... hopefully Govt will support by funding leadership development in this area.



  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 17 May 2013 3:16pm ()

    Leadership is paramount. Throughout the threads this is apparent, and many of the contributors are leaders of eLearning in their kura/contexts - big paki paki for the efforts we're all making, because our students are the recipients of anything that we achieve on their behalf.

    Creating a blog/wiki or Google Doc that is exclusively for the ICT/elearning leaders in your school, providing readings, videos etc, recommended by members of the team is a good way of developing specific online PD support, and points of discussion within the team, relevant to your specific context.  Like a focused internal VLN just for your group. This is in our kete. 

    Pedagogy is key for me - without it I think teaching is a rote experience that we deliver from established patterns (which can be years old). This doesn't mean throw out good practice and processes that are years old, but reflect on how teaching is happening (with any ICT tool) , what are the outcomes showing, and why might this be so. The technical 'how to' can come from anywhere ... but the why should be thought through, and certainly combined with input from students.  It's their learning after all.  Great new Sir Ken Robinson TED talk out..


  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 10 Jun 2013 10:04am ()

    I too have been reading the thread with keen interest - and not a lot of time to contribute yet. Really interesting core elements emerging: Active support must come from top down, ensuring PD is on offer for all staff, and elevating opportunities for emerging leaders within school in eLearning; infrastructure is enabled to support developing visions; progress and goals are linked into performance management processes; reflective practice processes partnering pedagogy on a systematic and regular basis; MoE policies and latest conversations are unpacked in staff forums to provide a bigger picture of direction and support; whanau are included in the learning and conversations around eLearning; students are given a voice in their learning.

    That list summarizes for me the key elements of moving forward with confidence in any learning center. However, as shared in several posts, the 'what is happening' is on top of the list, because technologies are too expensive for us to be using them to replicate what we've always done before the technologies were introduced. 

    An excellent book to read is Jane Gilbert's 'The Knowledge Wave' 2005. (Jane is an NZ education researcher, very insightful lady) her contributions are forward thinking and really open up discussion around what is knowledge? what is the place of knowledge construction in a digital age, and what are our practices at the chalk face encouraging students to learn?  She also discusses the nature of schools at large in light of the industrial model that has been around for years and years, and is not a sustainable model, nor desirable in a 21st C landscape.  I really recommend educators read this. It can be purchased from NZCER website, and is around $38.

    Cheers Smile

  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 13 Jun 2013 1:08pm ()

    Hi Caroline,

    We had the same situation, and are now with a company called 'NOW NZ'  a local HB co. and we have 100 GB v's the old Telecom ridiculous cap.  It is incredulous that there are caps on schools by these large ISP.  Our data rolls over, so we get to add on GB if we've been light on a month.  

    Hope this helps .. in that there has to be some local providers who can out do the monopolies if they're not prepared to look after your school.


  • Anjela Webster (View all users posts) 15 Aug 2013 2:30pm ()

    Wow - Ive been 'offline' on this thread lately due to study and school requirements at the mo ..but receive the updates of posts via email, and love to drop in a take a scan of what people are sharing. This is such a rich forum for those participating... 

    Just stepping back from the focus and purpose of this group, and looking at why this fourm is so successful - in order for an online community to thrive, it requires shared interests, facilitation, willingness to contribute, trust, deprivatising of content, evidence of growth in terms of getting something of value from belonging, shared expertise and shared support between and among participants, and high motivation among participants.

    I wonder how we could link more teachers in to view, and in time, share and participate, because it is a tremendous source of professional development, and it gives us all a snapshot of what's happening around the country which is very powerful. I imagine that we're all on here because we tick the list of attributes above, and have a shared interest in all things digital and education, and therefore there will be educators who won't be at all interested (sadly).

    What are the thoughts of others in how we can expand the value that this forum offers us, to those less confident but curious! Because at the end of the day, the more educators whose efficacy can be raised in all things digital and pedagogical, the better for our students at the coal face.

    Huge digression, but feel the forum is of such value, and we're awfully spoiled by the sharing, resource referencing, and connecting that takes place in here. 

    Cheers AnjelaLaughing

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