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Growing leadership of e-learning | NAPP Kōrero 6 - Resourcing

Started by Karen Spencer 03 Apr 2013 2:49pm () Replies (168)

Kia ora koutou, talofa lava and welcome...

interconnected woven circlesThis kōrero invites you to think about those leadership skills and understandings which might be important when planning to resource e-learning in your school. We have all heard stories of schools investing heavily in technologies first and then deciding afterwards how they will be useful...or inviting students to bring in their own devices before considering how this might support the curriculum.

We know that e-learning is driven by curriculum and pedagogy - so what does this mean for leaders who need to grow a kete of services and technologies to support this in their school? 


Some resources to kick start this mahi...


From Enabling e-Learning Leadership, Dr Cheryl Doig outlines the change process and explains how to sustain change. As you watch, ask yourself what kind of leadership capabilities would be needed to do this and how does this relate to resourcing?

[Link to video with transcript]


Our key questions...

  • How might principals grow their capacity to lead the resourcing of e-learning?

  • How might your decisions about school resourcing of e-learning impact on property, personnel or finance?

Cool WEBINAR: You can access the webinar recording for this kōrero via this link

[Image credit: CC Hazel Owen]


  • Sharleen Nathan (View all users posts) 07 Oct 2013 2:40pm ()

    Kia ora koutou,

    I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments.  I agree that whoever is in charge of implementing elearning needs to inspiring and knowledgeable of how elearning can benefit student outcomes.  They must also have good leadership skills and be able to build elearning capability within middle management as I believe middle management will be key to driving elearning/blended learning effectively within their subject areas (coming from a large secondary school perspective).

    I enjoyed watching the video above and totally agree with stripping down key questions and creating lots of dialogue with staff; such as, 'why elearning?'; 'what is elearning?'; 'what is the nature of the world we are preparing our students for?'; 'what are the benefits for our students?'  and then looking at the possibilities elearnng can offer and what it might look like at your particular school.  If your school does not have an elearning vision, tied in with the wider school vision, this is a perfect opportunity to involve the staff.

    If there is already someone capable of leading elearning in your school and biggest resource will be time; time for staff to contemplate and explore the above questions; time to look at possibilities and best practice; time for the staff to set themselves elearning goals for the year.

    I imagine that most principals are knowlegdeable of the benefits that elearning provides; I know that elearning is a key aspect in many of principals conferences now but that doesn't necessarily mean that principals will be the best person to lead elearning in their school.  As long as the principal fully supports the change (and is committed to resourcing it) and has an understanding of the benefits and 'why' the change is necessary.

  • Sharleen Nathan (View all users posts) 07 Oct 2013 2:49pm ()

    Thanks for sharing Jon :) I will be in charge of implementing elearning to the staff next year (although, many staff are already using technology effectively) so have been thiinking about the best approach... lots to consider!

  • Sharleen Nathan (View all users posts) 07 Oct 2013 2:54pm ()

    I like that itip idea... really relevant; so much easier if it has been proven in the classroom!

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