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Phone number melodies

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Started by Brent 1975 26 Mar 2013 9:55am () Replies (2)

I'm about to try out the phone number melodies activity with my students.

The students learn the C scale on piano and/or xylophone and assign a number to each note eg. 1=c, 2=d, 3=e ... (o=the top and bottom c, 9=B below bottom C) 

Students have to compose melodies using the numbers in their home or mobile phone number (or both) using different C octaves.

Has anyone done this or activities like it?


  • Aiono Manu Faaea-Semeatu (View all users posts) 03 Apr 2013 3:46pm ()

    Yes I created a unit for my junior music students called "cellphone melodies".

    Students who were proficient in guitar were allowed to use guitar as their melodic instrument. Otherwise the students were encouraged to use keyboard or marimba/glockenspiel/xylophone.

    I taught the students about compositional techniques and devices as a way to introduce it to them early before they reached the senior school.  So I taught them about patterns like - retrograde, sequence, inversion etc.  I also played music examples that had clear distinctive melodies that students were familiar with and we unpacked it, analysed it so that they could construct their own (so deconstruct in order to construct).

    For the more advanced kids - I would introduce black keys - if they felt more adventurous using "blue" notes so that they could create more complex melodies.

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