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Child's device shared or not shared in class?

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Started by Helen Prescott 21 Mar 2013 3:36pm () Replies (15)

We are going to be trialing two BYOB classes starting shortly and have a parent meeting on Tuesday.  We put up a post it note wall for parents to add questions prior to the meeting.

One of the questions we have is  "Will the device my child brings only be available for use by my child or will every child in their class have access to it?"

I'm just curious, obviously we want to promote a 'sharing culture' however I think it is reasonable to expect a child who brings their own device that they are in charge of it and it could be shared in a small group with the owner of the device there at the time, but not as a device for other children to use on their own.

I see some BYOD agreements say "Devices brought to school are for the use of my child. Any sharing is at my child's descretion.

I just wanted to know what others have done in this regard? and how parents have reacted? 

Thanks in advance.



  • Jenna-Eve Foley (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2013 3:44pm ()

    We have a 'share the screen only' policy in our BYOD classes - so other children can only look at what they are doing and not touch the device. This has worked well in our situation and parents were happy with this at our consultation meetings.

  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 25 Mar 2013 8:09pm ()

    Hi Jenna, 

    Love the concept of 'share your screen'.  Have built it into our policies.  Will share documentation once finalised soon. Thanks.

  • Shane (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2013 4:25pm ()

    HI Jenna,

    I am looking at getting a few children to bring their BYOD into my classroom. Is there any chance of seeing what you put in your policy in regards to screening the screen only, as I think that is a fantastic idea.



  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2013 10:34pm ()

    Thanks for that.  Are you primary?

  • Shane (View all users posts) 21 Mar 2013 10:45pm ()

    HI Helen, I am primary if that's who you are asking. I use to have 6 computers running with my class of 24. Now I have two. I am looking at finding ways of being creative to get the numbers being able to access programmes as I enjoy using a lot of IT equipment.I also have to convince with the boss agree to go along with it so that I can speed the process up.

  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 25 Mar 2013 8:07pm ()

    Thanks Shane,

    Often constraints force us to be more creative.  Hopefully some children in your class can bring their own device.   I'll be putting all our documentation online soon and will share as soon as I do.

  • Hazel Smith (View all users posts) 22 Mar 2013 7:45am ()

    We have those same concerns and issues from parents at our school.

    I would love to see the share the screen policy too. Thanks


  • Jenna-Eve Foley (View all users posts) 25 Mar 2013 11:48am ()

    we are an area school. Our 2 BYOD classes are year 3/4 and year 5/6. We are currently working with BeL to finalise our policy and would be happy to share this after it has been finalised. Currently we are working on a verbal agreement between the teachers, students and their caregivers - this has been working very well and we have had no issues to date.

  • Jenna-Eve Foley (View all users posts) 26 Mar 2013 12:20pm ()

    We will share ours when it is finalised too Laughing

    I would also be keen to visit any other schools using BYODs or even just technology in their rooms.

  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 27 Mar 2013 9:18am ()

    imageInteresting discussion:-) I had a similar conversation with a group of teachers late last year on the same topic and shared some thoughts/queries in this blog post : Does BYOD really mean SYOD?

    Underlying our decisions is a set of values about the kind of education we want in our schools. 'Sharing' is a tricky situation, in my view, if we are aiming for equity of access and I'm keen for us to keep exploring ways that we are tackling this. For example, some voluntary sharing may occur but I'm not sure we can assume it will or build it into our planning. How can we provide sufficient access to devices for those that cannot/will not bring their own in. Access to learning is the end game here Laughing

    Let's keep talking:-)


    [Image source:  Kalexanderson]

  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 28 Mar 2013 8:59am ()

    This is an interesting discussion. My personal opinion is that we should not put an expectation on students that they will need to share their devices. I think many students will share anyway to some extent, but I would be concerned about possible bullying if there is some expectation put on them (yes, I realise that the bullying may be there anyway but perhaps it would be worse with, "you have to share it with me" type comments).

    I think the share your screen idea is really good. I also think if a school is BYOD, and planning BYOD into classes/lessons then there might need to be a pool of extra devices available that students without (for whatever reason) have something available to them. It's a very tricky thing to balance though.

    Keen to hear what others think.

  • Shane (View all users posts) 15 Apr 2013 10:03pm ()

    HI Helen, how were your policies going? Process easy etc? I have to compile enough information before ours can get off the ground.

  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 16 Apr 2013 12:05am ()

    Hi Shane

    Here's a link to our parent presentation and docs http://www.sunnyhills.school.nz/e-learning

    Chn brought in devices today to check school connection.  Most connected. Few didn't though so still sorting those ones.  Forgot to specify English language for connection test, had some in Chinese which was a challenge with error msgs.  Soon worked out how to change to English.  Parents are positive.

  • MeganCroll1 (View all users posts) 16 Apr 2013 12:14am ()

    Hi Helen

    You've been busy!   You may have just saved me many hours of work Laughing   Your policies are straight foward and the app list for i-pads includes most from my own list.   How did the parent information night go?    Look forward to catching up with you at the GAFE on the 18th.

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