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Benefits of mobile technologies

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Started by Karen Spencer 14 Mar 2013 4:11pm () Replies (1)

imageA recent question that came through to me has touched on the tension between schools seeing what others are doing, and conversations that often need to be had with Boards of Trustees around investment, planning and purchasing.


The question was: what are the benefits (or otherwise) of mobile learning devices?

My response was along these lines, and I thought it might be useful to share it wider:

The recent Parliamentary inquiry highlighted there is still not enough empirical evidence on the effective use/impact of mobile and they have called for research to be done on this. However, until that time comes about, the best way to approach this conversation, in my view, is to start from what is considered to be effective pedagogy generally. So, for example, the New Zealand Curriculum resources on effective pedagogy and the BES Quality Teaching are thoroughly evidenced based and remind us what, empirically, makes a difference for learners.

As we know, the use of technologies (whatever that may be), in terms of the curriculum docs, is to come in as an appropriate support for these practices.

 So, it isn't the mobile technologies that make the difference per se, but the way they support what is known to be effective teaching practices. I would be wary of advocating mobile, per se, until the school has worked its way towards a curriculum vision/graduate profile for its students. The use of ANY tech needs to be seen in the context of the kinds of learning that a school wants for its students.

If, after this conversation, the answer is "mobile technologies", then there are quite a few papers on how they can support learning (a whole bunch listed at the end of my paper here from 2010). For example,

Does anyone else find this helpful? What other resources or discussions have you used around this in your schools?
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