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Opening discussion threads

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Started by Simon 07 Mar 2013 5:21pm () Replies (2)

Kia oara

I moderate the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) VLN which is a closed site. However, when members post a discussion topic or reply to a topic there is no notification of this activity among the members of the group. Nevertheless, there is notification via e-mail if a new bookmark is added. Is there anything that I can to rectify this?

Simon Crosby


  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 08 Mar 2013 12:40pm ()

    Hi Simon,

    Happy to try and help. A post in a discussion thread should always trigger an email notification to the group members if the discussion topic is set to 'public', 'logged in users' or accessible by 'group members' (which yours are). I'm not sure how many members have reported not receiving emails so can only guess at the possible reasons:

    • All new members will automatically receive discussion thread notices unless they have altered their settings. They should ensure their settings > group notifications are set up so they receive emails from the group.
    • Note that the person who posts doesn't usually receive an email of their own post themselves.
    • The group members might need to check their spam folders and ensure that emails from the VLN are arriving in their inbox and not being stopped by a firewall at their end.
    • If you set a thread as 'private' when you create it and publish it, it won't send an email for obvious reasons. If you later open up the access, that won't trigger an email either. You need to post and publish it with open access to members/public.

    I'm not sure if any of these will solve your issue but, on inspection, there doesn't apeear to be an issue at the group end - it is all set up so threads should be triggering notices.

    Does that help?




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