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VPP and Configurator thoughts

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Started by Carol Kendall 04 Mar 2013 8:41pm () Replies (3)

In one of my schools we are in the process of setting up with VPP and Configurator. We had a tech issue, and the tech is coming back next week to carry on. But, I'm wondering....

I have all the VPP apps paid for, and between 30 and 50 licenses for each app. So, we're legal, which is very important to me.

However, I don't like something I discovered the other day (thought I was going crazy till I read it in this presentation) - ie if you want to do app updates, you have to sit through 30 to 50 of them - one for each license code - so, imagine downloading the iMovie or Garageband updates 50 times! That is horrendous!

AND - I don't like how it means we can no longer plug an iPad into a teacher's laptop to quickly download large files like movies, or lots of photos.

I don't like how I'll still have to plug in the iPads to do updates, and I'm not convinced it'll be quick and easy simply adding one or two free apps in a hurry (compared to doing this through an iTunes account).

I'm wondering if I might continue purchasing via VPP, but go back to forgetting Configurator and syncing via a single iTunes account...how legal would that be.....

I might be talking a whole lot of rubbish, but how do others feel at the moment? How far along with this process are YOU?



  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 04 Mar 2013 9:03pm ()

    We were advised to use Profile Manager which is a web based management system. I think you have to have a Mac mini server though to run this.  Have you got this?  If you have then this would be a better system.

    Once you are setup I can deploy free apps wirelessly literally at the click of a couple of buttons.  I still use VPP for purchased apps, but have set up the iPads with email addresses so I just email the links to the iPads for downloading.  

    I found the inital setup time consuming, however once 45 iPads were set up the maintenance, adding new apps etc has been fantastic and very manageable.

  • Sonya Van Schaijik (View all users posts) 11 Mar 2013 11:10pm ()

     We are having similar challenges Carol, however when reading Helen's entry, we do not yet have an apple server, but that is coming. My last disaster was rebirthing the trial iPad when I was trying to update. So at this stage, we await technical support to sort this out. 

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