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BYOD in High Schools Windows Workspace To Go

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Started by Tom Neumann 28 Feb 2013 1:22pm () Replies (4)

I am trailing this technology with a small economics class this year. It involves using a USB stick with Windows 8 on it. Students insert this into their notebooks, boot from it and it bypasses their own hard drive. This means the following: students only do on their machines what the school's group policy allows, yet they can save their work to the schools drives or to the cloud (if the school has wireless). Any malaware on the student' machine is thus isolated. At the end of the lesson I collect the sticks and the students computers work as normal.
Has anybody tried this yet? It brings a whole new dimension to BYOD.


  • iDave (View all users posts) 28 Feb 2013 8:18pm ()

    That is an interesting solution.  Do the 'sticks' authenticate to the school server?   Look forward to see how it goes.  

    Just out of interest, how does licensing work for the Windows 8 sticks?


  • Tom Neumann (View all users posts) 01 Mar 2013 10:13am ()

    The USB sticks operate exactly as a school computer would, but run of the student's machine. This means there are no licensing problems with Windows. Office 2013 can also be installed on them as can any licensed software. The Ministry of Education has an agreement with Microsoft as well as Adobe. So if you have a site license you can run your apps off the stick.
    I have a personal license for Flash, Photoshop and Captivate and all can be installed on the stick and they run smoothly with no problems.
    Advantage: you want your students to write a letter, but they don't have MS Office installed on their machine. This system gives them access to the school's software on their own device. More general info at:

  • Gerard Macmanus (View all users posts) 01 Mar 2013 5:54pm ()

    Windows To Go is indeed covered under the Schools Agreement – and it’s a great solution for mobile productivity and for making use of existing equipment across multiple users.

    The Agreement provides cover for two scenarios: A) all school faculty / staff under Roaming Use Rights with their primary PCs; and B) on school-owned classroom or lab PCs.

    For student-owned devices, the School Agreement does cover the Client Access Licenses for connection to a school's Windows servers.   However, it does not cover the student-owned device for Windows Upgrade (to say Windows Pro) or for the full MS Office client.

    So, to use Windows To Go for students - the student would need to be covered for Windows Upgrade and if needed, MS Office.   An effective way to do this is through the 'Student Option', which can be added to the Schools Agreement.  Datacom can provide the correct pricing - the Windows upgrade is approx. $18 per student per annum, and the full Student Desktop (including MS Office Pro) is approx. $36 per student per annum (nb these are subscriptions for either the whole student body or a sub-group). 

    Datacom should be able to walk schools through this.  Otherwise, feel free to contact me directly.

    Kind regards,

    Evan Blackman

    Education Sector Manager

    Microsoft NZ

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