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How's the year going for you?

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Started by Suzie Vesper 21 Feb 2013 11:25pm () Replies (6)

This is a more relaxed topic to ask how your year has kicked off. Anything in particular that you are enjoying or finding challenging?

Having been out of the classroom for six years, I feel I'm playing catch up quite a bit but am beginning to feel a little more under control. I have a great class which helps! How about you?


  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 02 Mar 2013 9:14pm ()

    This year has been fabulous.  I love teaching year 7&8.  They can do so much compared to 5 and 6 year olds.  It has been busy though.  I have found adapting to a timetable where the class are out of the room for 11 50min periods a week challenging.  Was just getting to grips with it last week, now have flu and go on camp on Monday.  Usual story of a teacher.  Continually busy.   Students are loving having their own google site, learning to type and reading eggspress.  Reading eggspress (readingeggs.co.nz) for homework has been a complete hit.  Can't wait for camp to be over and get into learning properly.

  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 02 Mar 2013 9:35pm ()

    I am using typing web for the learning to type.  We have done one session so far and it has working ok.  I would rather use 'phonics alive' (cd - offline) as it is more comprehensive book school dosn't own it so we work with what we have.

    Google apps has been great at CAS.  We are going to branch out and use google calendars instead of kamar at some point this year.  I am starting to use google read write extn for google docs with my 3 dyslexic students.  I am excited that one of the dyslexic boys just got a samsung tablet.  Time to throw away the pencils for him!  These 3 students write much faster on their devices.

  • Suzie Vesper (View all users posts) 02 Mar 2013 9:19pm ()

    Sounds busy indeed!  We've just had a week of parent conferences with another night to go on Wednesday next week which has been tiring but good. Any particulary resources you are using for working on typing skills? I'm planning to add that in to my homework as more devices arrive at school as I do think it is a genuinely useful skill for anyone to have. I'm just setting up Google Apps within the school which is a pretty exciting development for us.

  • Kathy Hughes (View all users posts) 17 Mar 2013 11:42am ()

    Hi busy people. I teach 30 Year 8's at Kaharoa School in the Bay of Plenty.  The first camp of the year has been ticked off (Lake Waikaremoana) and now the fun back in the classroom begins!  I'm pretty new to blogging (thanks Karen for the confidence boost) and want my class to have their own blogs, so will be working on cyber etiquette over the next two weeks as they are being set up.  The class are using typingweb.com. I haven't got complete buy in yet, but have created a shared doc to highlight progress for Week 8's homework, so I'm hoping to scoop up those that haven't started yet.  The sharing of docs (Google) is new too, we're taking small bites....ferociously.. he he!

  • Jill Pears (View all users posts) 17 Mar 2013 5:02pm ()

    Hi, Would love you to visit our class blog - Year 8s in Christchurch. This is the first year we have had a public blog and the students and parents are loving it. The hardest thing though is getting comments from people. The important thing we have begun to discover is the importance of actually participating. There is an interesting blog post here with data about the importance of actually participating in the online community (rather than just lurking!). Let us know when your blogs are up and running and we will post some comments. 

    I love using Google Docs also - we are a laptop class so that helps but I find I use Google Docs more and more and word/excel etc less and less. 

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