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e-Learning plans to shout about!

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Started by Karen Spencer 20 Feb 2013 3:53pm () Replies (18)

Haere mai! Afio mai! Welcome!

This is warm 2013 greeting to all the members of the Enabling e-Learning group, from those who have just joined us this week to those of you who have been members since..oh, ages ago.

Here's something smiley to kick us off - a piece of improvisation from the Guggenheim Museum (hang in there for some heartwarming moments & song) using 'old school' technology

And my challenge, my wero, to you all, as you face this new year with excitement, anticipation (and maybe a spoonful of trepidation on the side), is this:

If this thread was your 'megaphone on E-Street', what might you say? What ICT ideas or e-learning endeavours are you hatching for 2013?

  • Finish this sentence: "This year, my/our e-learning focus is ...."

Be brave, step up and share your plans. Who knows? Someone in another school may be trying the same as you. Let's kickstart this new year with some exciting ideas and connect the dots across New Zealand:-) Kia ora.

Ngā mihi nui,

nā Karen

P.S Huge 'virtual' pats on the back in advance for those of you who post for the first time. Go on, we dare you...


  • Matthew Cooke (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2013 4:30pm ()

    Three things to shout about at Somerville Intermediate...

    1.  Well on our way with BYOD - our community is embracing

    2.  elearning PD - our elearning PD is catering to  T's individual needs and forming one aspect of T's goals

    3.  eportfolios - all through google sites and we are working towards all 950 students having an eportfolio with some meaningful content which shows learning and learning progression by end 2013

  • Janelle Riki (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2013 4:38pm ()

    Kia ora Matthew, that sounds amazing! What a great story to share.  I would love to see how your students have organised their eportfolios through google sites - any chance of a confidential share or exemplar?

  • Matthew Cooke (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2013 5:10pm ()

    yes - of course.  still early stages.  Can you ask again in 2 weeks....



  • Terry Hokianga (View all users posts) 20 Feb 2013 5:46pm ()

    My goal and that of my class is to master knowledge net and to successfully share the learning at school with the house hold and visa versa without reorting to the phone. Scary but will be fun. Love the megaphone.

  • Susan Feron (View all users posts) 21 Feb 2013 12:25pm ()

    I am trying BYOD with my Year 7&8's (first class in our school to do so). We are hoping for each student to use one note for reflections and writing journals.  Each student has a google site for an e portfolio.    The big success so far has been signing up for online reading eggspress subscriptions.  Many of the boys are voluntarily reading at home for the first time ever.  Parents are fighting to get them to bed because they are too busy reading.  And the reading content isn't hunting, fishing and rugby!  Cool                               


    What is happening school wide is varied.   Some secondary teachers have their whole class programme set up on Googles sites with links to Drive.  Some of the primary teachers are using study ladder extensively to provide differentiated programmes. 

  • Karen Spencer (View all users posts) 22 Feb 2013 10:01am ()

    Thanks for sharing your stories so far, everyone.Smile

    Susan - two links you might find useful: the BYOD in Schools group and BYOD in our intermediate school thread. I would also love to talk to you about how we might share a snapshot from your journey with our community:-)


    Terry - there are several stories from ICTPD clusters, here in the VLN, about their journeys with KnowledgeNet, such as this from the Coalface Cluster:  Establishing a Learning Management System (Our KnowledgeNet Journey). The Technologies group includes lots of folk who have walked the same path, so feel free to ask questions and lean on them as you go.

    Matthew - would love to hear a story about how you are tailoring your professional learning design to suit your teachers' needs - I will be shoulder-tapping you to share it in the Professional Learning group;-)

    All of your stories can be aligned with different dimensions in the e-Learning Planning Framework. It would be interesting to hear whether that has been useful in your review processes.

    Thanks for sharing, people!

  • Katarina Moore (View all users posts) 22 Feb 2013 7:24pm ()

    My goal this year is to get my students individual blogs up and running so that the kids can share their learning with their whanau and wider community.

    Help my students develop a knowledge and understanding of what a quality post / comment is. Why do we post / comment? Where to now?

    The big idea is to empowethey students.

    for myself I also want to develop my knowledge and understanding of gushing google site. I like the idea of using it but not convinced why I would use it. at the moment I havthe"binned" the black planning book and plan on google calendar. I like it but not completely sold... I miss scribbling at the end of the day and tend not to reflect on what has already happened ( in written form) .

    i'd love to be convinced and enlightened.

    ps thanks Tania for taking me where I am today. It's fantastic to have a great mentor and support but too many of us are pulling in her arms!

    Thanks for all the passionate people's posts!

  • Julia Bevin (View all users posts) 23 Feb 2013 6:26pm ()

    starting with a post-grad paper in e-learning, a commitment to be as 'paperless' in my teaching as possible via Google Apps for Education and most importantly inspiring and motivating my students to be independent, self directed learners.

  • E.Chamley (View all users posts) 24 Feb 2013 11:54am ()

    Hi Matthew.

    I am also setting up our entire school on Google Apps this year and plan to get all students using eportfolios through google as well. Any advice would be most welcome! We have only JUST started...

    Thanks, Erin Chamley


    P.S. Hi Janelle - guess you didn't go back to Clearview then. and Hi Karen - I was in your first English class at Marsden a few years back now!!

  • Rebecca Ronald (View all users posts) 24 Feb 2013 12:24pm ()

    This year, my elearning foci are

    1. support other teachers in our school who have had 1:1 devices thrust upon them to make the most of the new opportunities these offer, at their own levels.

    2. In my own classes, get my kids blogging actively and responsibly, using Gdocs and using Moodle to nhance their learning adn home-school interaction.


  • Amy McCauley (View all users posts) 24 Feb 2013 1:39pm ()

    This year, our school focus is to make elearning seamless and fully intergrated.  My goal will be ensure teachers are confident users of a range of devices and tools, with teachers being both leaders and learners.  Our students will be accessing tools that support their learning and have access to the latest relevant technology.


  • Barrie Matthews (View all users posts) 07 Mar 2013 4:10pm ()

    Hi Amy

    Like your comment about "teachers as leaders and learners" and wondered about planning your eLearning programme for 2013 to include one LEARNZ virtual field trip. Have a look at what's available on the e-Field Trip Chooser. There is something there for everyone and lots of support from the LEARNZ team for anyone who gives it a go.

  • Nathaniel Louwrens (View all users posts) 07 Mar 2013 4:12pm ()

    This is a great idea, Barrie and one that we're planning with our Year 0-6 teachers while we try to build their confidence and capability in blended learning. We're going to use one of the already completed field trips to begin with rather than joining a live one.


  • Barrie Matthews (View all users posts) 07 Mar 2013 4:28pm ()

    Good on you - a completed field trip is a great way to start. Once your Yr0-6 teachers have found their feet, taking part in a new field trip as it unfolds will bring a whole new dimension to the experience.

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