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Photoshop Express cannot delete? Photo class 4th and 5th grade

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Started by jonathan7007 29 Jan 2013 2:39pm () Replies (8)

I am teaching a Photography class in upper elementary grades using Photoshop Express on iPads. I want to stay in one application, as the goal was to use Guided Access to keep everyone on track. (Guided Access is a feature of iOS6 that allows me to restrict each iPad to ONE application.)


Six students have to use the same iPad in rapid succession, that is, every forty minutes I see a different group of about 21-25 students. So I wanted each student to upload their shots to their individual Photoshop.com account at the end of every session. I have to set up those accounts this week.  (I want to evaluate their work between once-a-week meetings as a shared account holder.) I am testing this idea and discovered that there seems no way to delete images from WITHIN Photoshopexpress.


Not good. I gave up on the "Camera" app because it captured pictures but a user had to exit the "Camera" and go to "Photos" to view even the last picture taken. I am not allowed to stay after school and open 25 iPads to see the pictures because the gear is locked up soon after school lets out.


The kids shouldn't have access to others' images, at the very least. But we don't have individual accounts. That's the way Apple wants it, of course.


Can anyone point me to a way to delete photos just taken without going outside Photoshop express? I believe we have v2.7 installed on iPad3's. Walking around to "release" the iPads from Guided Access is a bad use of time. Changing the four-digit code every week: some kids won't be able to stay on track to release and delete, so I'd prefer a more seamless solution.


Thanks, in advance, for ideas.




  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 29 Jan 2013 3:16pm ()

    Having just installed Photoshop Express to have a look.... all images taken are saved to the camera roll on the device. PS Express is merely a photo editing app so the deleting of images can only be done in the photos app. As you've discovered there is no photo delete option in  PS Express and most of  the other imaging apps that save to the camera roll work the same way. Only apps that store the image or content within the app can be deleted in the app.

    Just one point you mentioned about having to switch from Camera to Photos.... you don't need to... in the camera app after snapping an image simply swipe one finger from the left side of the screen to the right and the last image saved will appear. if you keep swiping you go backwards in the camera roll.

    With all the images saved in the camera roll, there's no way to restrict students viewing other students photos until they're deleted.

    Remembering the ipad was designed as a single user device.....

  • jonathan7007 (View all users posts) 29 Jan 2013 3:54pm ()


    I agree and had arrived at the same conclusion... and wish the Hawaii taxpayers were willing to support Apple that way Apple wants to be supported... or actualy wish we could use Android devices, too. But.. is is what is. I knew sharing iPads would cause trouble even asban Android user. I am trying to come up to speed quickly.


    I will test the limits of Guided Access forbearance when swiping "back" to the "Camera Roll". Another limitation is that there is only one MacBookPro on campus that can tunnel to iTunes so everything I request has to be sourced and deployed by one over-worked person in our school.


    This comes off as nothing but complaining, but teaching this is a lot of fun, too. The kids go alittle nuts when able to try out all the goodies.


    I do appreciate the "second look" to test my findings.


    Aloha from Hawaii,


  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 29 Jan 2013 4:47pm ()

    you could try Splashtop to remote access the Macbook via an ipad....  would only work if the Macbook wasn't in use.... though it could be entertaining for the remote person, not so much for he poor sole on the Macbook! wondering what's going on!? "number five is alive!"

  • jonathan7007 (View all users posts) 29 Jan 2013 9:14pm ()


    I don't sit at a MacBook... not sure what you mean... I am a Win7 person in terms of "affiliation" and I make my intro presentation on my win7 laptop each class. Use my own projector. I have minimal school support for this and they have low expectations for the course as it is outside any measurement to which they are subjected.  But there is no way the kids can handle any more tech that I have already planned to use without risking crippling complication. This plan I have might be too much anyway. Almost none of them have handles an iPad much at all, and there is no other school use of these iPads. I will be moving around the room, and quickly for the whole time after the demo.

    I want to get outside and shoot on the campus. I hope we can go to events or other classrooms (by prearrangement!) I have to get  a working system and help the kids get used to it. All in 40 minutes.

    Tomorrow is my day to create the 140 Photoshop Express accounts. Hope this works. I do appreciate the feedback.


  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 29 Jan 2013 10:02pm ()


    What do you intend to do with the photos the students take?

    is it for - composition, lighting,  shooting techniques etc or will they do some image enhancements?

    if it's the first, maybe Edmodo could be an option?

    Edmodo is like an online virtual classroom.... as the teacher you create "groups" and give out the group code to students to access the group, so you can have a separate group for each "classroom" of students - room 3 etc. or separate groups for projects...up to you

    Students register for an account but no email address needed and only takes a minute to do.

    It's a bit like "Facebook, in that students can post notes and comments on the wall for everyone to see in the group, or they can private message the teacher - students can't private message between themselves, so it's a controlled environment in that respect.

    The Edmodo app on the ipad has a camera function.

    Students log in to their accounts and all photos taken are uploaded to the students own account and not saved on the ipad. A wireless connection is needed to  upload photos quickly, however it is possible to cache the photos and then they're uploaded once in wifi range... questionis how many photos will it cache and how reliable is it? I've tested with a few photos, and it's worked fine.

    Being in a school environment with 20 + students uploading images simultaneously you'll need to test that first.

    With Edmodo you can assign tests, quizzes, assignments for students to reply to in Edmodo, and since it's online they can access that at home or anywhere where they have access to devices and internet.

    The only thing you couldn't do is see all the photos taken by each student unless they post them to the wall, or direct message you.... maybe something for you to tinker around with over the weekend?

    Have you used ipads for long?


  • Eric Martini (View all users posts) 29 Jan 2013 10:10pm ()

    as for the earlier post regarding 'Splashtop"

    Splashtop is a remote access app. You install a small streamer program on a PC or Mac and the app on the ipad. Create an account online.

    Once logged in you can remotely access the computer from the ipad... you see the desktop on the ipad screen and controll the PC or Mac computer remotely. so you could work in Photoshop on the computer via the ipad, for example. Both ipad and computer need to be on the same wifi network.

    I've tested this on a home network and was impressed by it's speed... very little lag in moving the cursor on the remote computer.

  • jonathan7007 (View all users posts) 30 Jan 2013 8:59am ()

    Thanks, Eric, I know Splashtop as it was part of the apps included with my Android tablet. Many of the choices or tech capabilities I pick for the class are driven by the classroom environment and its dynamic: I have to keep my head up and scanning all the time, while as much as possible moving to individuals who are stuggling. I look for students doing well and highlight that publically explaining quickly what makes their effort successful. The way I like to teach during the independent work part of the class time) is to keep moving, reacting, exchanging ideas with the kids, observing.


    I do like those Computer Lab systems that aloow a single workstation to monitor the screens of all the stations in the room. In the lab at our school I used to teach a little more structured lesson about a tool, say, in Powerpoint.

    No way the students are getting into my laptop. But your idea might work for creation of a common starting point to the independent work in a lesson time. I could see it going the other way: "placing" the same image on all iPads. I cannot install anything on all 25 iPads without testing (as you did), some discussion with the school, and with a stated purpose and goal.

    Thanks for the idea. I will test that.


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