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Mega Upload vs Mega

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Started by Tessa Gray 21 Jan 2013 9:45am () Replies (4)

Just watching the news this week and I'm a bit confused about the whole Kim Dotcom saga.

Can anyone explain (simply)...what was the issue with MegaUpload (copyright, file sharing)... and how is Mega different? 


  • Sean Lyons (View all users posts) 21 Jan 2013 3:32pm ()

    Hi Tessa. So far, from what I can see, this is encrypted file storage. The difference here from Megaupload is that the user takes the responsibility for the encryption key, so the service itself has no visibility on the content.

    This would mean that the service provider cannot [theoretically] be held responsible for any material stored that may infringe on someones copyright. 

    The other difference here is the NZ domain registration. Meaning the registrant is subject to .nz domain rules.

    I did see that they are looking for server partners, which means that they will be paying to rent storage space from territories all over the world, and this may blur the "New Zealandness" of the service in terms of the application of New Zeland laws to it.

    Not sure if that answers your question, but I am sure there will be more and more information as the 1 million users already registered start to use Mega.


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