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Individual i tunes accounts vs VPP

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Started by Rebekah McLeod 16 Jan 2013 8:17am () Replies (22)

Hi our school are debating whether to go for individual i tunes accounts for classes or vpp. Id be interested to hear which option schools have gone for and why?


  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 16 Jan 2013 4:43pm ()

    Hi Rebekah -

    I guess it depends on how many iPads your school has. If you have one iPad per class, then an individual iTunes account for each class would work.  But if you have more than one iPad that will be used with each iTunes account, then the only ethical and legal way to do this is with VPP.  

    With the Apple EULA (End User Licence Agreement) on normal iTunes Accounts, you are limited to one device per account in a school setting.  With the VPP EULA, you are not limited to one device per account, and you can purchase more licenses using VPP, which is ethical, and gives hard working developers a fair deal as well.

    Hope this helps!

  • Jo Dudley (View all users posts) 24 Jan 2013 3:46pm ()

    Hi Matthew

    We are in the process of registering for the Volume Purchase Programme. So that teachers can login in to redeem their vouchers, do I now set up just the one (alias) email account to use to set up an itunes account on each device. Or should I have a separate email account per device? Just not sure how it all works once our VPP registration comes through.

    Many thanks


  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2013 7:23am ()

    Hey Jo -

    Sorry for not replying straight away! I have been rather busy with children at home, and setting up our school iPads for the new year. How you use VPP really does depend on how your school uses iPads. I think the iOS6 Deployment Guide that Graham linked to is the best way to work this out really.


  • Helen Prescott (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2013 9:25pm ()

    Just reading through these posts and I'm trying to figure out whether I need to set up individual Apple IDs for each iPad.  

    We have 2 iPads for each of the 22 classrooms.  We have just been approved for the VPP program and we are going to be using Profile Manager on the MAC Server (I understand Apple Configurator requires individual Apple IDs), so am thinking I don't need to have separate Apple IDs for each device, however then I thought not all developers are a part of the VPP, so if we have to purchase from outside of the VPP then we will have to set up individual accounts.  So is best practise really just to set up individual accounts on each device then?

    Thanks for any feedback in advance.




  • Rebekah McLeod (View all users posts) 17 Jan 2013 8:22am ()

    Thanks Matthew! That pretty much confirms that in terms of future proofing there really is only one option!


  • grahamp (View all users posts) 24 Jan 2013 3:59pm ()

    Hi Guys

    Although long, this pdf may prove useful for some of you:



  • Jo Dudley (View all users posts) 24 Jan 2013 4:59pm ()

    Hi Graham

    This pdf was really helpful.

    Many thanks


  • Sonya Van Schaijik (View all users posts) 25 Jan 2013 4:55pm ()

    Hi Rebekah

    Here at Newmarket we have gone the VPP way.

    We trialled individual accounts when teachers were testing the devices last year.

    They used their own itunes account.

    Then called them all in and imaged them using configurator.

    We roll out our student trial this week.

    Yes, we have a few teething problems but are ironing these out from trial and error.

    We have had a training session for staff with Allanah and she was absolutely fabulous. She totally enthused staff to have a go using her practical classroom based ideas.

    I hope to have a blog post up soon, so will keep you posted.


  • Carol Gilbert (View all users posts) 25 Jan 2013 8:52pm ()

    Hi Sonya

    Will be very interested in how the trial goes. Looking forward to the blog.

  • Miriam (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2013 12:02am ()


    Great to hear about your roll out this week, what an exciting time.

    Could I ask, did you do research into which kind of tablet to use, and how did you come to your conclusion?

    Also am keen to get Allanah's contact details if possible?


  • Gary Sullivan (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2013 7:17am ()

    Have 17 pads ready for next week as a trial for my high school 

    pE dept exciting times. Wi fi installed in the teaching room last week and I set up the pads. Thought about VPP but in end did sep I tunes accounts 

    could set up 11 devices to one account and as app using are all bar two or ree free apps it isn't Chopin to damage anyone much. 

    Dont have mac configuration so manual time consuming updates ahead and I'm sure many issues as I go into the dark with this in a techno phobe school living in 18th century here goes....

  • Matthew Thomas (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2013 7:43am ()

    Hi Sonya -

    Probably most of us here have an iPad bias here since this is "iPod / iPad User Group", but if you are thinking about Android tablets, I think these two articles sum up beautifully why that can be a potential bag of hurt -



    Also, Allanah is on here all the time, so I'm sure she'll see your message. Laughing

  • Allanah King (View all users posts) 26 Jan 2013 10:51am ()

    It took me eleven hours to find my way here Miriam. I have made a friend request with you and if you look at my VLN profile you will see my resources and links!!!


  • grahamp (View all users posts) 31 Jan 2013 10:39pm ()

    Hi Helen

    Do have a look at the pdf in my previous post.

    This blog may also be hepful:



  • Louise Tredinnick (View all users posts) 14 Feb 2013 8:15am ()

    We are nearly ready to roll out our fleet of ipads to the school but now need to work through the volume licencing agreement.  This brings me to asking which is the best way to make ongoing payments.  Would a separate VISA debit card meet this purpose?  

    Thanks for any help on this.


  • Tara Fagan (View all users posts) 14 Feb 2013 8:58am ()

    Hi Louise

    Only one credit card can be linked to the VPP account.  So yes, either a credit card, a visa debit card or prezzy card that has credit card functionality can be used as the payment method for VPP.  Some schools are choosing to use the prezzy card/debit card so they can keep the purchase of apps separate from their school credit card.  All the best with the rest of the roll out.  Let us know how you get on, Tara

  • Melissa Grant (View all users posts) 14 May 2013 3:07pm ()

    For those schools who have iPads and only Windows PCs and laptops means Apple Configurator can't be used (as far as I am aware!).  We are using Meraki which is a free web based tool to manage all the iPads and push apps out.  It also works with the VVP which is a bonus!  This meant we saved money not having to buy a MacBook, it runs off the assigned Windows laptop.

  • Peter Mancer (View all users posts) 14 May 2013 3:46pm ()


    We are currently testing Meraki to implement in some schools we are working with.  Have you had success in getting the proxy settings pushed out to the devices?  I have tried both Android and Apple without success.

    Kind regards

    Peter Mancer, CTO Watchdog

  • Melissa Grant (View all users posts) 15 May 2013 1:58pm ()

    Hi Peter.  After thinking about it and talking to the technician - I haven't tried pushing out the proxy settings.  The school has a firewall but no proxy server so we don't need to push it out.  I'm not at all technical so hope this is what you were meaning!!

  • Graeme Hood (View all users posts) 14 May 2013 8:45pm ()

    We are running 250+ ipads 1:1 with our students, This year set up using apple config. so we can lock down the iTunes accounts (students tend to fill their own ipad with games !). VPP licences were imported into AC with no issues. 

    We chose this solution as each iPad has over 8Gb of apps and docs installed and using a cloud based solution would mean a long time to install on each with our internet speed.

    Last year and before,we used individual iTunes accounts but with the volume of iPads we are now dealing with it is unmanageable. Also VPP at 50% app price means $ savings for us.

    However now that it comes to add more apps to iPads it means collecting in and connecting manually - fast to install new apps but a hassle to collect in. 

    I now have Meraki working with AC and new apps are sent via the cloud using Meraki - easy solution as I can select the individual iPads to send the apps to. No problems with proxy servers and each profile (either in AC or Meraki). All the other benefits of Meraki are a bonus.

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