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A REFRESHER about what works for Māori learners?

Started by Moana Timoko 14 Jan 2013 10:48am () Replies (35)

Kia ora koutou

What works for Māori Learners?  You may know, you may not - You may have some ideas and you may be seeking new ideas.  

You may want to share something that has worked for you OR you may want to share something that you've seen work.

How have you improved Māori student achievement?  Let us know how you know.

How have you improved Māori student engagement?  Let us know how you know.

How have you hooked your Māori students on to learning?  Let us know how you know.

Are you using a blend of face to face and virtual approaches to improve student learning?  If yes, how? - let us know.

I would love to read your kōrero - That's a bit of a play on words for you.

There are a lot of success stories out there but I want to read it, hear it & see it here.

There is a Māori whakatauki -

E kore te kumara e kōrero mō tōna ake reka - The kumara will not speak of its own sweetness.  

Share about someone else if you are not comfortable about sharing about yourself.


  • Antzkapa (View all users posts) 06 Apr 2013 7:03pm ()

    Kia ora TeAhua, that's awesome information to read and positive too. Imparticular, I am curious to know a few of things please: 1. The age group of the students  2. The ethnic make up of the class  3. The location (small town, urban)  4. Parent contribution.

    My thoughts from your comments" Ownership is a strong key towards success.  Ownership, creates responsibilty, responsibility becomes an act, acting is movement, movement is progress, progression is steps towards success."

    Thank you for your post, it has been enlighting and has reminded me of some needed things.

    Kia ora 


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